List of Robofest 2003-Michigan Team Photos

Advanced Robot Competition:

Team IDTeam NameTeam OrganizationsSponsors
11-3Walnut Creek Team #1Walnut Creek Middle School 
57-1CybermenMath & Science After SchoolBorden Family
62-1NEOakland Schools Tech Campus NortheastOakland Schools
68-1HAZMAT TeamAdvanced Technology Academy 
72-2Team TroyFarmington Harrison High SchoolBarry Brouillette
72-3RobokidsFarmington Harrison High SchoolBarry Brouillette
72-4Colins CrewFarmington Harrison High SchoolBarry Brouillette

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Advanced Robot Exhibition

Team IDTeam NameTeam OrganizationsSponsors
68-2RF Maze BotsAdvanced Technology Academy 

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Laptop Robot Competition

Team IDTeam NameTeam OrganizationsSponsors
1-3Evas RobotLTULTU/MCS Dept
1-4RitaLTULTU MCS Dept
1-5SandeeLTULTU/MCS Dept
1-6DavidLTULTU/MCS Dept
1-7ChrisLTULTU/MCS Dept

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Laptop Robot Exhibition

Team IDTeam NameTeam OrganizationsSponsors
1-1RoboTennisLTULTU/MCS Dept
1-2RoboHelperLTULTU/MCS Dept

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Lego Robot Competition

Team IDTeam NameTeam OrganizationsSponsors
9-1Handy FlashT.L. Handy Middle SchoolKLICK
9-25 Lil Handy DevilsT.L. Handy Middle SchoolKLICK
11-1The Clones (Walnut Creek #2)Walnut Creek Middle School 
14-1Team DavidOWLS 
15-1Lego Leaders (15-1)Block-Robotics [email protected]Bricks & Blocks
15-3Lego Leaders (15-3)Block-Robotics [email protected]Block-Robotics Learning
15-4Lego Leaders (15-4)Block-Robotics [email protected]Bricks & Blocks
15-5Lego Leaders (15-5)Block-Robotics [email protected]Zehrs Foods-La Salle
15-6Lego Leaders (15-6)Block-Robotics [email protected]Mad Science
15-7Lego Leaders (15-7)Block-Robotics [email protected]Mad Science
18-5World IndustriesWhitmore Lake Middle School Tech ClubComputer Challenge
18-6Flaming DragonsWhitmore Lake Middle School Tech ClubComputer Challenge
23-1Bluestreaks Competition TeamIda Middle School 
26-1ElectronsCranbrook KingswoodGM
26-2MetrobotsCranbrook KingswoodGM
27-3Outlaw PanthersCerveny middle schoolNaquiya Anandwala
35-1OmegaBirney Middle School 
35-2Revenge of Charlie BrownBirney Middle School 
36-1Millennium Tech WizzardsBirney Middle School 
47-1St. Lukes Robo RescuersSt. Lukes UMC Youth GroupSt Lukes United Methodist Church
49-1High ElvesNorup SchoolNorup School
49-2The NarwhalzNorup SchoolNorup School
55-1Saints RoboticsSt. Clair Middle SchoolSt. Clair Middle School
56-1Dragon Devils RedRoyal Oak Neighborhood TeamWilliam Hopkins
59-1Robo RaptorsOakley Park ElementaryGarth Stephen
60-1Laker RoboticsWaterford Our Lady of the Lakes H. S.Our Lady of the Lakes H. S.
64-1CometsChrist The King SchoolWindsor Factory Supply
66-1The Mad ScientistsLincoln High School Computer ClubComputer Challenge
67-1RoboRedhawks1Cass City Middle SchoolKLICK
67-2RoboRedhawks 2Cass City Middle SchoolKLICK
70-1Kenwood AcademyKenwood Academy Home School 
72-1The FreshiesFarmington Harrison High SchoolSteve Dail
73-1Pierce Techno 6Pierce Middle School Robotic Club 
73-2Pierce Techno 7Pierce Middle School Robotic Club 
73-3Pierce Techno 8Pierce Middle School Robotic Club 

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Lego Robot Exhibition

Team IDTeam NameTeam OrganizationsSponsors
15-8Lego Leaders (15-8)Block-Robotics [email protected]Zehrs Foods-La Salle
24-1Bluestreaks Exhibition TeamIda Middle School 
26-3SurgeonsCranbrook KingswoodGM
27-4Chaos PanthersCerveny middle schoolNaquiya Anandwala
56-2Dragon Devils GoldRoyal Oak Neighborhood TeamWilliam Hopkins

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