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    Novi Michigan


    We are excited to partner with Lawrence Tech to host a Robofest Jr Game Challenge. Even more, we are excited to see all the creative robots that will be presented. Let the games begin!

    Date and Time

    Fri, Apr 8  5:00 PM -  8:30 PM
    (Registration closes: 04-06-2022)

    Competition Divisions

    Division Current / Max. Teams Non-Refundable Team Registration Fee
    Jr Game 7 / 10 teams $75.00



    24404 Catherine Industrial Road, Ste 316
    Novi Michigan 48375

    (844) 483-2433
    View on Google Maps


    Q Do
    Site Director
    [email protected]

    Site Check-in Fee

    Site Host organizer does NOT collect team check-in fee.


    There will an entrance from the front parking lot and an entrance from the back parking too.


    We are looking for sponsorships for our site. If you want to sponsor our site, then reach out to Q Do at [email protected]

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