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  • World Championship RoboMed


    Robofest World Championship event. Teams will advance to this event from USA Qualifiers or through International competitions.

    Date and Time

    Sat, Aug 28  8:00 AM -  12:00 PM
    (Registration closes: 08-13-2021)

    Competition Divisions

    Division Current / Max. Teams Non-Refundable Team Registration Fee
    Sr RoboMed Online 1 / 20 teams $75.00
    College RoboMed Online 3 / 20 teams $75.00

    World Championship RoboMed

    Teams participate in synchronous competition
    Through the Zoom Application


    Please contact Shannan Palonis ([email protected]) for more information.

    Site Check-in Fee

    Site Host organizer does NOT collect team check-in fee.


    Team check-in to test audio/visual and other required items 30 minutes prior to start time.


    Event Link