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    World Championship UMC
    Through the Zoom Application Michigan


    This site is a placeholder for USA and non-exclusive international teams to pre-register for World UMC. Teams will be moved to ROMC UMC by Robofest Staff once all international registration is complete. Note: Teams from Canada Maritime Provinces, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Macau, All the countries in Latin America, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, and UAE cannot register here. Please contact the National Director of your country. The director list can be found on the homepage => About => International Directors

    Date and Time

    Sat, Aug 29  8:00 AM -  12:00 PM
    (Registration closes: 08-03-2020)

    Competition Divisions

    Division Current / Max. Teams Non-Refundable Team Registration Fee
    Sr UMC 0 / 12 teams $10.00


    World Championship UMC
    This Event is Online
    Through the Zoom Application Michigan

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