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    USA Video Qualifier Site
    Southfield Michigan


    If there is no qualifying site near the team location or for special circumstances, the teams may register on-line for the Video Submission site. Video submission teams are required to pay the same registration fee. The coach must submit the signed Robofest Video Submission Form when sending the video to: LTU Robofest, 21000 West 10 Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48075, USA. It must be received by noon EDT April 11, 2014. The following is the suggested video contents: Start with the team and team member introduction, around 5 seconds for each member. Introduce features of the robots, around 5 seconds for each robot. Demonstrate the games or exhibitions; the video should not be edited, once the demo started. Rolling credit and/or acknowledgement (recommended). Acceptable video media: video sharing website link; CD with a video file, Video CD, or DVD. Adults may help produce the video. If students were involved in the video production work, it should be acknowledged in the rolling credit.

    Date and Time

    Sat, Apr 11  12:00 PM -  12:00 PM
    (Registration closes: 07-16-2019)

    Competition Divisions

    Division Current / Max. Teams Non-Refundable Team Registration Fee
    Jr Exhibition 2 / 10 teams Registration fee collected by site host
    Sr Exhibition 6 / 10 teams Registration fee collected by site host
    Jr Game 7 / 10 teams Registration fee collected by site host
    Sr Game 0 / 10 teams Registration fee collected by site host


    USA Video Qualifier Site

    Received by Noon April 11, 2015
    Southfield Michigan 48075

    View on Google Maps


    robofest (at) ltu (dot) edu (The email address is listed this way to prevent spammers. Please use the @ symbol and . if you send actual email)

    Site Check-in Fee

    Site Host organizer does NOT collect team check-in fee.