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    Ann Arbor Trail Magnet K-8
    Detroit Michigan


    Ann Arbor Trail is a College Preparatory school of choice. Students attending Ann Arbor Trail must meet certain academic requirements. Ann Arbor Trail addresses each student as an individual not a collective. The school starts at an early age preparing students for the rigors of high school and college. It is their commitment to ensure that students receive the most outstanding social and academic experience possible. Ann Arbor Trail works with every child and parent to challenge, motivate, and drive each child to his/her personal best. We welcome Robofest teams!

    Date and Time

    Sat, Apr 25  1:00 PM -  5:00 PM
    (Registration closes: 07-16-2019)

    Competition Divisions

    Division Current / Max. Teams Non-Refundable Team Registration Fee
    Junior Competition 0 / 20 teams Registration fee collected by site host
    Jr Exhibition 2 / 15 teams Registration fee collected by site host
    Jr Game 12 / 20 teams Registration fee collected by site host


    Ann Arbor Trail Magnet K-8

    7635 Chatham
    Detroit Michigan 48239

    (313) 274-8560
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    John Scollon, Scollon2 [at]

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    Site Check-in Fee

    Site Host organizer does NOT collect team check-in fee.


    Directions to our school:

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