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  • Team 2490-3   Winners_Korea 2016

    General Information
    Name flex
    Coach MinJae Lee
    Organization Crecore
    Division Sr Exhibition
    Robot Arduino
    Language Other
    Description 1. Basic Units - Detect obstacles around and avoid to make its own way - LED lights to secure driverâ??s vision - Block connector to connect multiple units - Standardized frames and fixed supporting wheels to proceed on right way - Doors, roof and other fundamental elements will be added later 2.Special Units - Cart and Truck module - Cart can be stored safely among fixed frames and boards around the cart - A group of holders on the front holds the cart in order to save burdens in the cart - An entrance for the cart is on the back, and it contains the structure as shown. It is an applied form of basic structure - Not finished but it will adapt same functions that basic units have and will perform nicely on May
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