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  • Team 2490-2   Winners_Korea 2016

    General Information
    Name firefighter
    Coach MinJae Lee
    Organization Crecore
    Division Jr Exhibition
    Robot Arduino
    Language Other
    Description Our robot is â??forest fire observation rescue droneâ??. The main fuction of our robot is putting out early-stage fire and dispense first aid kits for hikers. The propulsion section of drone consists of four propellers. It flies with power from four propellers. There is an extension arm under the drone that can carry throwing types of fire extinguishers. When the drone detects smoke or flame, it drops the fire extinguishers. There are flame sensor intstalled on the robot. If the robot detects smoke and flame, it shoots fire retardant. If a fire is not put out at the early stage, the robot has a mini-fire extinguisher on the side that people nearby can use to put out the fire. The robot manager can monitor remotely what is happening during the flight with a camera inside drone. The robot carries first aid kits that can be released to assist in medical emergencies.
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