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  • Team 2056-1   World_Championship 2014

    General Information
    Name (2S)^P
    Organization (2S)P
    Division Jr Exhibition
    Robot Lego NXT
    Language NXT-G
    Description Our robot helps stop highly contagious viruses from spreading. An example of this is the Ebola virus in Congo. To treat/diagnosis the patients, doctors/paramedics go to them to draws the blood and then take it to Lab for analysis with big Hematological analyzers. With mass casualties & contagious nature of the disease, time is of the essence. We must protect the doctors/paramedics from the virus. If the hematological analyzers can be smaller and if the process could be faster this problem could be solved. We envision a concept in which robot goes to the patient, draw the blood and scans it for prevailing disease. Then it sends a report to another bot that injects the correct medicine to the patient. With this we save 1440 lives a DAY. We are hoping that this could be used in the real world and help stop the spread of viruses. Please visit us at the world competition and ( vote for us for the People's Choice award.
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