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  • Team 2025-1   World_Championship 2014

    General Information
    Name Robo Climbers
    Coach Anurag Kulshrestha
    Organization Canton Charter Academy
    Division Jr Exhibition
    Robot Lego NXT
    Language NXT-G
    Description Robo Climbers team is from Canton Charter Academy and team has identified cell phone tower maintenance as an area where robots could provide a lot of benefits. Cell phone towers can range from 100 feet to 1700 feet tall (taller than Empire State Building). Cell phone tower climbers have the most dangerous job in America and climbers die on the job at 10 times the rate of construction workers. Tower climbers are exposed to extreme temperatures, bad weather, gusting winds, and poor visibility. If a climber loses consciousness a rescue is almost impossible. Robo Climbers team has designed a prototype system for robots working on communication towers. The first robot, Jake, a Lego EV-3 model, follows the black line to the command center, detects the work order by color, follows the black line to the warehouse and chooses a warehouse room based on the work order. It picks up the part, reverses, and follows the black line to the job site. There, it detects the second robot and hands over the part. The second robot, Bob, an NXT-2.0 Lego robot, detects the first robot, then waits for the part to be delivered. It then spreads its climbing mechanism and climbs the tower, stopping when it detects the top. It then installs the part requested in the work order and climbs back to the ground. Our project demonstrates how robots could be beneficial to communication tower industry.
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