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  • Team 967-1   World_Championship 2009

    General Information
    Name Alternative Fuel
    Coach Mark Bauer
    Organization Alternative Fuel
    Division Sr Exhibition
    Robot Other
    Language C
    Description Automated Distillation System for Alternative Liquid Fuel 1. The theme of our project was to produce a renewable energy source at home to help in our country’s movement to a clean renewable energy source and energy independence. 2. Our Automated Distillation System transforms mash (fermented corn) into ethanol fuel for an alternative fuel. A. This Distillation System is very unique because there is nothing like it on the market for home use. This still has been very efficient because we’ve made many changes to the distillation process by making it autonomous utilizing robotic technology. We’ve done this by adding temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the steam and sends an analog signal to the micro processor which adjusts the the heating element using a TRIAC. To further automate the system we are using a water pump to provide a continuous flow of water from a reservoir through a counter current water jacket heat exchanger. This cools the pipe which condenses ethanol vapor inside. The ethanol is collected and stored for later use as a fuel. B. Our earlier attempts have been less successful because of the problems of vapor loss and the danger of using an open flame. But these problems were solved by using an electric hot water tank making it much more efficient and safer. 3. Other information – Science and technology concepts applied o Distillation o Heat transfer o Electronic design of control of heater (TRIAC) o Programming of micro controller o Fermentation of feedstock (starch vs. sugars) o Safety

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    Mark Bauer

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