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  • Team 2490-1   World_Championship 2016

    General Information
    Name twins
    Coach MinJae Lee
    Organization Crecore
    Division Jr Exhibition
    Robot Arduino
    Language Other
    Description Our robot is Smart Cleaning Drone. The role of our drone is to collect trash bags on the street and keep the street clean by sweeping trash on the street with the roller that has a sponge attached. Security is enhanced in the city with a close circuit camera installed inside the drone. There are 8 propellers. The four main propellers have backup propellers. When the main propeller is malfuntioned, the backup propeller starts working to prevent total failure. Color sensors recognize trash bags. And we install robot arms on the back of Drone to pick up trash bags. We equip the drone with a sponge at the front to sweep small pieces of trash on the street. The camera in the Drone can be a surveillance camera, so it can monitor the neighborhoods it sweeps and covers areas where there are no fixed cameras in place.
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