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  • Team 2250-1   World_Championship 2015

    General Information
    Name AbsentMinded
    Coach Sean Barber
    Organization Helpmekaar College
    Division Sr Exhibition
    Robot Lego NXT
    Language RobotC
    Description For our project we created a robot to help people increase their ambidexterity and hand eye coordination. The basic idea is that you pick up a basket on one side of a field and deliver it to the other side. Then you repeat the same action with a second basket. The robot then resets itself. You then do the same action as the previous round but with your other hand. Your times are recorded and the difference between the two are calculated and recorded into our system. By using your non dominant hand the robot helps to develop your right and left hand coordination. In doing this your hand ambidexterity also improves because of the fine hand movements the person has to do with the non-dominant hand. For more information please go to our website:
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