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  • Team 1777-1   World_Championship 2015

    General Information
    Name MedBots
    Coach Jason Mastropietro
    Organization Embedded Logic LLC
    Division Jr Exhibition
    Robot Lego NXT
    Language RobotC
    Description Using NXT. Using NXT-G and RobotC. Automatic system to acquire analyze patient symptoms via questions using a keypad to enter answers, integrated temperature sensor, heart rate data from PC, and hand strength from PC. Robot 1 (Robot C) uses sensors and motors to communicate the amount of medication to distribute to Robots 2 and 3 (NXT-G) which perform the dispensing actions. They had started with EV3 but some of the purchased 3rd party sensors did not work with RobotC directly as well as having support issues for Bluetooth between RobotC EV3 and NXT-G so they went back to the NXT for all three robots which did work for the sensors.
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    Embedded Logic LLC

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