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  • Team 1546-8   MexicoCity_MX 2012

    General Information
    Name fire extintors
    Coach Jose Antonio Romero Pliego
    Organization Colegio Israelita de Mexico
    Division Jr Exhibition
    Robot Other
    Language Other
    Description the project will consist in creating a robot which abilities consist in preventing a fire in the forest. To make this possible the robot will be equipped with five different sensors: heat, movement, smoke, sound and humidity. This robot will advertise the authorities, if two sensors are active it is in the state of low and if three or four are active, it is a warning alert. If the five of them are active, it will emit a high alert. The sensors that are activated are going to be send to the authorities so that if the heat sensor is active but there is a high humidity ( for example) the people checking this alerts will realize that there isn´t to much danger, also the robot will be equipped with a ring rail so it can take care as much as possible.

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