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    Complete this form to start the Site Host Application Process. Please review the Site Host Information on the website under “For Site Hosts” for detailed information.
    Site Applicant Information
    Year: 2024
    *Proposed Competition Date:
    Day of the week:  (auto filled when clicked)
    *Start Time:  :  

    Site Host Applicant Information

    *First Last Name:
    Job Title:
    *Host Organization:
    *Retype Email:
    Phone: (maximum 13 digits - no formatting, please)

    Venue Information    OnLine

    Proposed Venue Name:
    *Venue City:
    *Venue Country:
    *Venue State/Province/Region:

    Competition Categories & Maximum # of Teams to Accommodate    

    *Division             Site Max # of Teams to Accommodate
    Junior Competition               
    Senior Competition               
    Jr Exhibition (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr Exhibition (9th-12th grade)               
    Senior Pentathlon               
    Fashion Dance               
    Jr Game (5th-8th grade)               
    College Mini Urban               
    Senior Mini Urban               
    Sr Game (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr BottleSumo (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr BottleSumo Classic (9th-12th grade)               
    Collegiate Challenge Pro               
    RoboParade (4th-8th grade)               
    VEX Bridge Battle               
    Warm Up Jr Game               
    Warm Up Sr Game               
    Sr Vcc (9th-12th grade)               
    College Vcc               
    Hexapod Sumo               
    Sr Robo Visual Arts (9th-12th grade)               
    Sr Robo Performing Arts (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr Robo Visual Arts (5th-8th grade)               
    Jr Robo Performing Arts (5th-8th grade)               
    Adv Robo Arts               
    Jr UMC (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr UMC (9th-12th grade)               
    Summer Day Camp               
    Intermediate Camp               
    Jr. RoboArts (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr. RoboArts (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr Sumo (5th-8th grade)               
    Robot Drawing Contest (4th-8th grade)               
    Early Exhibition               
    Sr RoboCatapult (9th-12th grade)               
    Sr BottleSumo UL (9th-12th grade)               
    Sr RoboMed (9th-12th grade)               
    College RoboMed               
    Robofest Camp (4th-8th grade)               
    Jr Exhibition Online (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr Exhibition Online (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr Game Online (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr Game Online (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr BottleSumo Time Trial (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr BottleSumo Time Trial CL (9th-12th grade)               
    Sr BottleSumo Time Trial UL (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr RoboArts Online (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr RoboArts Online (9th-12th grade)               
    Sr RoboMed Online (9th-12th grade)               
    College RoboMed Online               
    Jr RoboCatapult (5th-8th grade)               
    Jr UMC Online (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr UMC Online (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr RoboMed (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr UMC Scholarship (9th-12th grade)               
    Early RoboArts               
    Early RoboParade               
    Early BottleSumo               

    * I Agree to the Robofest Privacy Policy:
     You will receive an email from “Robofest (Do Not Reply)” with your Site Application ID to confirm your email address.

     When you click on the link in that email, your application will be submitted to Robofest Headquarters.

     Processing may take a moment. Please only click the following button once. Do not refresh or use "back".