Invitation to Robofest


Robofest is a bit different from other robotics competitions.
Teams use 2 autonomous robots to complete their challenge.
- Robot controllers can be any such as Handy Board, Boe-Bots, I-Robo, and Lego RCX as long as one 8-bit microprocessor is used.

- Robots can be built from a variety of materials, if Lego robots are used, teams are not limited to LEGO parts.

- It is not expensive to have a team. Easy to setup and move playing fields.
The focus is on programming; a variety of languages can be used. There are mystery elements they won't know until that day. After the unveiling of unknown missions, teams will program their robots to solve the rest of the challenge that morning. Teams who solve the challenge first, receive extra points

- Competitions may limit students´┐Ż creativity. Robofest invites teams to show off their autonomous robotics projects.


Would you like to see Robofest events in action? Seven Robofest regional competitions will be held this weekend, April 8 and 9, in the following area.

- Ann Arbor, Michigan

- Canton, Michigan

- Flint, Michigan

- Northville, Michigan

- Clinton Twp., Michigan

- West Melbourne, Florida

- Milk River, Alberta, Canada


To find details about the Robofest events, please go to

Spectator admission is free.


If you are interested in volunteering for Robofest regional event, please go to


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