Robofest 2004 registration will begin on Thursday, Feb. 26 on the web at


We plan to open the new coach registration as well as team registration between 1pm and 2pm on Thu.


If you are a new coach, click on "New Coach Registration" on the system.


If you were a Robofest 2003 coach, you could use your previous coach ID. If you forgot your coach ID, please go to:


LTU-2003, Detroit-2003 or NH-2003


If you forgot your password of the coach account, please click on �forgot password� link.


Before registering teams, please print and read Robofest 2004 official rules and game rules at You will also find tech resources including a video clip of Robofest 2004 competition game, Earthquake Challenge there.


Any questions, problems, and/or suggestions, please email to [email protected]


Thank you.



Chan-Jin Chung, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Computer Science and founder of Robofest

Lawrence Technological University

21000 West Ten Mile Road, SouthfieldMI 48075, USA

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