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(1) RoboParade 2009 on Thu, Nov. 19

(2) Robofest 2010 Kick-Off on Thu. Dec 10th

(3) Vision Centric Robot Challenge Warm UP on Dec 10th

(4) Robofest Seeking Site Hosts for 2010 Competition Season

(5) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2010 Competition



(1) Thanksgiving RoboParade 2009 on Thu, Nov. 19

The 4th annual Thanksgiving RoboParade will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at Lawrence Tech in Michigan, 6pm~8:30pm. The parade is an excellent opportunity for young minds to learn autonomous robotics while having fun and embracing imagination & creativity. For additional details about the RoboParade including previous YouTube videos, please visit www.robofest.net.


The official RoboParde will be web broadcasted from 7:30pm EST. To watch the live stream, go to �rtsp://www.ltuvitrc.com/broadcast.live.rm

Viewers will need to have RealPlayer (a free download is available at real.com) installed on their computers and configured to accept the rtsp protocol.� Technical questions, email to [email protected].�


(2) Robofest 2010 Kick-Off on Thu. Dec 10th

11th Robofest 2010 will be kicked-off on Thu. Dec. 10, 2009 from 6:00~7:30pm (EST) at LTU in Southfield in Buell Mgt. Building, room M218. Rules will be announced and team registration will begin. This meeting will be webcasted using Wimba. The direct link will be on our website at www.robofest.net. If you want to join the webcast, then we strongly recommend you test the connection before the meeting. We will also post recorded session on our website.


(3) Vision Centric Robot Challenge Warm UP on Dec 10th

Right after the kick-off meeting on Dec 10th, Vision Centric Robot Challenge Warm-up will be held at LTU Atrium, Buell Bldg., from 7:30pm till 9pm. This year�s vision challenge involves the decoding of 2D barcode information. For more info about the challenge, visit http://www.robofest.net/collegiate


(4) Robofest Seeking Site Hosts for 2010 Competition Season

Robofest is currently seeking site hosts for the 2010 Competition Season.  Qualifying Competition Sites are needed in Feb ~ April of 2010.  Top teams from each site will qualify to move on to compete at the World Robofest Championships, which will be held at LTU on Saturday, May 8, 2010.  Interested individuals, organizations, or schools should contact Robofest coordinator Wendy MacLennan at [email protected] or check out www.robofest.net and click on *For Site Hosts* link. We are accepting applications until November. Early respondents that become Official Site Hosts will be appearing on the promotional poster.


(5) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2010 Competition

In an effort to keep Robofest an affordable yet highly educational competition for everyone, we are seeking sponsors for the 2010 season.  If you or your organization is interested in helping to support the important work of Robofest, please contact Dr. CJ Chung, chung@LTU.edu.  Robofest appreciates all support, big or small.  Robofest accepts both cash contributions and in-kind services donations.  Please contact us if you are able to support Robofest in any way. Sponsorship (pledge) form can be found at http://admin.robofest.org/2010/Sponsorship10form.doc or





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