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(1) Free RoboParade Workshop on Nov 1--Join the parade Nov 22!

(2) Fall Mini Urban Challenge in Michigan

(3) Robofest teams can get a copy of CMU�s RobotC!

(4) Robofest 2009 Kick off on Dec 11, 2008

(5) MCWTF Offering Grants to All-Female Teams in Michigan

(6) Other Grant Info for Robofest teams using Lego Robots

(7) Student Looking for Team to Join

(8) Seeking Site Hosts for 2009 Competition Season

(9) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2009 Competition




(1) Free RoboParade Workshop on Nov 1--Join the parade Nov 22!

RoboParade is an excellent opportunity to learn robotics while having fun. Robofest is providing free hands-on Lego NXT workshop for everyone from 9:00 till noon in the Buell Management Bld, room M218 at Lawrence Tech in Southfield. From 1 to 4, we will be having another identical session in the same room.


To register, send email to Joe Long, [email protected]� Please bring your NXT robot and laptop.


The 3rd Annual Thanksgiving RoboParade is on Saturday, November 22, 2008 at Lawrence Tech, 9am ~ 11:30am. For additional details about the RoboParade, please visit the Robofest home page at www.robofest.net. Team registration has begun on the web.

(2) Fall Mini Urban Challenge using L2Bots

This year�s Fall Mini Urban Challenge problem is posted at http://www.robofest.net/collegiate

Registration has just begun. If you would like to register and/or borrow an L2Bot, please send an email to [email protected]


(3) Robofest teams can get a copy of CMU�s RobotC!

Introducing Robofest�s newest partner and sponsor: Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy!  CMU�s Robotics Academy has offered to partner with Robofest and provide one copy of RobotC, free of charge, to each team that registers for Robofest 2009.

RobotC is a C-based programming language for LEGO RCX, NXT and VEX robots. It is the only programming language at this level that offers a comprehensive, real-time debugger. It is a cross-platform solution that allows students to learn the type of C-based programming used in advanced education and professional applications. For more information, please visit www.robotc.net

(4) Robofest 2009 Kick off on Dec 11, 2008

�� Thu. Dec. 11, 2008: Robofest 09 Kick Off meeting, 6pm, LTU in Buell Mgt. Building, room M218

�� Fri. Dec. 12, 2008: Robofest 09 Kick Off meeting, 5:45pm, LTU in Buell Mgt. Building, room M218

�� Sat. Dec. 13, 2008: Robofest 09 Kick Off meeting, 10am, LTU in Buell Mgt. Building, room M218

�� Jan ~ Feb: Technical Workshops on Saturdays

�� Sat. March 7, 2009: Warm-up competition at Lawrence Tech, in Michigan 2 ~ 6pm

�� March ~ April 18, 2009: Qualifying Competitions

�� Fri, May 1, 2009: Special Dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary (5pm, tentative)

�� Sat, May 2, 2009: World Robofest Championship


(5) MCWTF Offering Four $500 Grants to All-Female Teams in Michigan


Robofest is pleased to announce that four grants of $500 each are available to all-female Robofest 2009 Teams from Michigan.  The grant is being offered by the MCWTF (http://www.mcwtf.org).  If you are interested in applying for one of these grants supporting all-female Robofest Teams from Michigan you can obtain the application at www.robofest.net.  The grant application is due no later than December 15, 2008.  If you have difficulty accessing the site or downloading the application, please send an email to [email protected] or call 248-281-5391.


The Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to inspiring and assisting girls and women in Michigan to pursue technology education and careers. We do this by providing educational programs and scholarships, as well as ongoing support as they move through the educational system.


(6) Other Grant Info for Robofest teams using Lego Robots

LEGO recommends the following foundations as sources of grant-based funding, particularly geared toward supporting STEM education opportunities:


Ford Foundation �(http://www.fordfound.org/grants)

Ford supports access to opportunities in education, media, and the arts.


Annenberg Foundation (http://www.annenbergfoundation.org/grants/)

Annenberg offers assistance for the high-poverty, low-performing schools.


David & Lucile Packard Foundation (http://www.packard.org/home.aspx)

This foundation improves the lives of children, enables the creative pursuit of science, and conserves and restores the Earth's natural systems.


Annie E Casey Foundation (http://www.aecf.org/AboutUs/GrantInformation.aspx)

Supports partnerships that add value to the core work of schools.


Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (http://www.mott.org/grantseeker.aspx)

The pillars of their plan: education, economic participation, and community action are critical to moving low-income Americans toward greater prosperity.


Bank of America (http://www.bankofamerica.com/foundation/index.cfm?template=fd_grantprograms)

This philanthropic program recognizes, nurtures, and rewards community-based organizations.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (http://www.gatesfoundation.org/grants/Pages/overview.aspx)

Their mission is to increase opportunity and equity for those most in need.


GE Foundation (http://www.ge.com/foundation/index.html)

Supports high-impact initiatives that improve the access, equity, and quality of public education. 


JP Morgan Chase Foundation (http://www.jpmorganchase.com/cm/cs?pagename=Chase/Href&urlname=jpmc/community/grants)

This foundation seeks to aid all children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have access to high-quality educational opportunities. 


Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (http://www.msdf.org/Grants/Grant_Application.aspx)

The primary goal is to support and initiate programs that directly serve the needs of children living in urban poverty.


ExxonMobile Foundation (http://www.exxonmobil.com/Corporate/community_ed.aspx)

They target math and science education because a basic understanding of these subjects is increasingly important in today's highly competitive, technology-driven world.


Walton Family Foundation (http://www.waltonfamilyfoundation.org/educationreform/index.asp)

This foundation invests in programs that empower parents to choose the best education for their children.


Heinz Endowments (http://www.heinz.org/grants.aspx)

Heinz is involved in shaping the development and education of children and adolescents.


For more information on how you can find underwriting for robotics or other LEGO Education products, visit Grant Resources on LEGO homepage, www.LEGOeducation.com, or call 800-362-4308.


(7) Student Looking for Team to Join

Please help us to place the following student on a Robofest Team:


A 6th grade male at West Middle School in Rochester Hills MI is looking for a team in the Rochester/Troy area to join. Any Coach who has room for this student to join their team should contact the parent at the following e-mail:  [email protected].  We appreciate your help in placing eager students!!


(8) Robofest Seeking Site Hosts for 2009 Competition Season

Robofest is currently seeking site hosts for the 2009 Competition Season.� Qualifying Competition Sites are needed in March and April of 2009.� Top teams from each site will qualify to move on to compete at the World Robofest Championships, which will be held on the campus of LTU on Saturday, May 2, 2009.� Interested individuals, organizations, or schools should contact Robofest coordinator Jerri Ureel at [email protected] or check out www.robofest.net and click on �For Site Hosts� link. We are accepting applications until November 30. Early respondents that become Official Site Hosts will be appearing on the promotional poster.


(9) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2009 Competition

In an effort to keep Robofest a low-cost affordable contest for everyone, we are seeking sponsors for the 2009 season.� If you or your organization is interested in helping to support the important work of Robofest, please contact Jeff Sparling, [email protected].� Robofest appreciates all support, big or small.� Robofest accepts both cash contributions and in-kind services donations.� Please contact us if you are able to support Robofest in any way. Sponsorship (pledge) form can be found at http://www.robofest.net/2009/Sponsorship09form.doc



If you wish to be removed from this email list, reply to this email and note your preference.


CJ Chung, Associate Professor, Robofest Director, [email protected]

Jeff Sparing, Robofest Coordinator, [email protected], 248-204-3566

Jerri Ureel, Robofest Coordinator, [email protected], 248-204-3568

Susan Latos, Robofest Assistant Coordinator, [email protected], 248-204-3569

Tiffany Platt, Robofest Assistant Coordinator, 248-204-3569


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