Robofest Newsletter, 10-24-2005




(1) Additional Robofest Contest Sites Confirmed for 2006

(2) First Chapter of �Handy Cricket Robo Hacks� Available for Free Download

(3) RoboNexus Wrap-Up Report

(4) LTU Plans to offer Robotics Concentration in MET

(5) Robofest Coach Registration System Upgrade

(6) Digital Animation and Video Editing Competition added to Robofest for 2006!

(7) Video Submission 2006 Site

(8)Visit Robofest at the YES! Expo, October 26 at Ford Field

(9) Metro Detroit Science Teachers Conference October 29 at LTU

(10) Friends of Robofest Campaign Announces On Line Giving Form



(1) Additional Robofest Contest Sites Confirmed for 2006


Robofest is working on confirming 2006 Contest Site Locations.The following new sites have been confirmed as 2006 Contest Sites:


Hillside Middle School, Northville, Michigan, April 1

West Melbourne, Florida, Location TBD, April 1

Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 7

St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas, April 22

Erle Rivers High School, Milk River, Alberta, Canada, April 29


We are still working to secure sites in several other states and countries.We plan to have all sites confirmed for our December registration.Additional sties that were announced in the last newsletter include:Carman-Ainsworth Junior High School, Flint, Michigan, April 22; Canton Charter Academy, Canton, Michigan, April 29; Macomb Intermediate School District, Clinton Township, Michigan, April 1; World Robofest 2006 Championships, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan, May 13.


We are working hard to expand to other states and countries, if you or someone you know would be interested in hosting, please have them contact Lori Birman [email protected] for information.Being a Robofest Contest Site provides great visibility for the hosting organization.It is an opportunity to showcase your facility, staff, and students.We hope you will consider being a part of the Robofest Team!


(2) First Chapters of �Handy Cricket Robo Hacks� is Available for Free Download


Robofest Technical Advisory Committee Member, Don Wilcher, is writing a book entitled �Handy Cricket Robo Hacks.�This book will have robo-gadget projects to build with a resource CDROM.The project can provide ideas or the exhibition portion of the Robofest contest.Mr. Wilcher plans to have the book manuscript completed in January.In the meantime, Don invites all Robofest participants to download the first chapter of the book complimentary.Go to the following link below and you will find the first two chapters posted on his website under the Sci-Tech Projects section. The chapter titles are divided into two parts: Talking Tonka Dump Truck Part 1 & 2.

Here is the link:


(3) RoboNexus Wrap-Up Report


Dr. CJ Chung was a guest speaker at the RoboNexus ( ), the largest robotics event in the western hemisphere. The robotics conference and expo was held at the San Jose convention center in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, Oct. 6-9.RoboNexus was a mammoth event with more than 10,000 people attending. Google and iRobot and many others were the sponsors of the event. Dr. Chung talked about experiences learned from organizing Robofest since its inception in 2000. Other guest speakers included Colin Angle, co-founder of iRobot Co., and Professor Manuela Veloso from Carnegie Mellon, Rob Ambrose from NASA.


In the expo area, Robofest had a display booth. Several hundred people stopped by the table, watched the DVD, and picked up Lawrence Tech�s Robofest flyers and brochures. Amazingly, even a few people had heard of Lawrence Tech, 13 people from all over the world signed up to host Robofest in their schools or centers in the near future.We hope to announce these new contest sites soon!


It was very surprising to meet a Robofest family that flew from Michigan to San Jose to attend the RoboNexus event.Please check out some of the RoboNexus photos at



(4) LTU Plans to offer Robotics Concentration in MET


Lawrence Technological University is about to launch new autonomous robotics courses as a part of the Masters of Educational Technology program.These courses are proposed to start in Spring 2006. The rationale of the robotics courses is to provide an opportunity for educators to learn robotics technologies, to teach robotics in their classes, to be a technical mentor of robotics teams, and to earn a masters degree in Educational Technology and a technology (NP) endorsement. If you are interested in this program, please contact [email protected]


(5) Robofest Coach Registration System Upgrade


We are currently improving and testing the Robofest coach and team registration system. If you were a registered coach, regardless whether you had actual teams or not, you will get an email with your coach ID and other information. The test is scheduled between Oct. 25 � 28. If you do not receive an email from us this week, and you were a Robofest coach, please send us a message letting us know you did not receive a registration test e-mail from us.Please send your message to [email protected]


(6) Digital Animation and Video Editing Competition added to Robofest for 2006!


As a pilot program, we plan to include two new divisions in the Robofest 2006 Competition.One is a Digital Animation division where participants will animate Robofest 2006 game competition.The Second division is digital video editing and production where teams will record and submit a video journal of their team while it was preparing to compete at Robofest.


(7) Video Submission 2006 Site


Last year Robofest added an opportunity for teams who could not travel to a Robofest contest site to submit video of their Exhibition performance.This category was called �Video Submission only for Exhibitions� this division provided an opportunity for teams to submit video of their Exhibition performance.Next year we plan to include a �Video Submission Category for Game Competition� teams who do not have a regional competition site near them but would like to submit a video of their team performing the missions.


Details on these division rules will be announced when Robofest is officially kicked off.


(8)Visit Robofest at the YES! Expo, October 26 at Ford Field


Stop by and visit the Lawrence Technological University booth at the YES! Expo (Youth and Engineering Science!) this Wednesday, October 26 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.The YES! Expo will host over 70 exhibitors.YES! Expo tickets are available at no charge to area students and chaperones.Teachers are welcome to coordinate field trips to the event.The event will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is sponsored by Michigan Tech.Robofest will show its 2005 DVD and have 2006 information at the LTU booth.Please stop by and say hello.For additional information about the YES! Expo, visit



(9) The Metro Detroit Science Teachers Association at LTU October 28


The Metro Detroit Science Teachers Association (MDSTA) will be holding its Fall Conference this Saturday, October 29, on the Campus of Lawrence Technological University.Robofest will be participating in two of the sessions during the MDSTA event:


- Lori Birman will introduce Robofest from 8:15am-9:15am.

- CJ Chung will introduce Laptop Robots for High School Students from 9:45am-10:45am


Robofest will also have a table in the Exposition area which is in the Buell Management building.Please stop by and say hello.For more information about the MDSTA Event, please visit:



(10) Friends of Robofest Campaign On Line Giving Form


Robofest has launched the Friends of Robofest Campaign for individual tax deductible contributions to Robofest.Attached is a link for individual donors to make a gift to Robofest via credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover) or electronic check.You may make an on-line gift to Robofest by visiting the following link:

You must specify Robofest at the gift recipient and also specify your gift amount.The on-line pledge form is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer technology to guarantee transaction security.


All Robofest donations are tax deductible contributions. Transactions must be processed by December 31st to receive 2005 tax credit.Robofest Sponsorship is important in our effort to keep Robofest a low-cost affordable contest for everyone.We hope you will consider supporting Robofest in our future Friends of Robofest campaign.We appreciate your support.



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