Robofest Newsletter, 9-22-2005



(1) Robofest 2006 Contest Site Location Announcements

(2) RoboNexus Conference and Exposition, October 6-9, 2005

(3) DARPA Grand Challenge

(4) Robofest Launches New 2006 Sponsorship Opportunities

(5) Robofest 2005 DVD is Still Available



(1) Robofest 2006 Contest Site Location Announcements


Robofest is working on confirming 2006 Contest Site Locations.The following sites are confirmed as 2006 Contest Sites:Carman-Ainsworth Junior High School, Flint, Michigan, April 22; Canton Charter Academy, Canton, Michigan, April 29; Macomb Intermediate School District, Clinton Township, Michigan, April 1; World Robofest 2006 Championships, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan, May 13.


We anticipate we will have 14 -17 sites this coming season, including international sites.We will keep you informed as we confirm each location.We are interested in expanding to other states, if you or someone you know would be interested in hosting, please have them contact Lori Birman [email protected] for information.Being a Robofest Contest Site provides great visibility for the hosting organization.It is an opportunity to showcase your facility, staff, and students.We hope you will consider being a part of the Robofest Team!



(2) RoboNexus Conference and Exposition, October 6-9, 2005, San Jose, California


Robofest is pleased to announce its Co-Sponsorship of the RoboNexus Conference and Exposition, October 6-9, 2005, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose California.Robofest e-mail newsletter members are eligible to receive a $100 discount on a Full Conference Pass.Robofest attendees must register using the priority code RNCD100 to receive the discounted rate. If you are interested in, please go to:


(To save $5 off your expo pass, use priority code RNEXD5 when registering)


RoboNexus is the International Business Development, Educational and Consumer Event for Personal, Service and Mobile Robotics.�� RoboNexus offers business and technology professionals the RoboNexus Professional Development Programs, consisting of two full days of special events and enlightening sessions.Sessions in the Professional Development Program will be delivered by the world's leading robotics, business and educational professionals from across the globe; including a presentation by Robofest�s CJ Chung.Session Programs are:Business Development and Opportunity; Emerging Robotics Technologies, Products and Applications; Robotics Design, Development and Standards; Robotics Education and Curriculum Development; and Object Management Group Robotics Standards Meeting.


Hobbyists, tech savvy consumers and families will want to attend the RoboNexus Consumer and Entertainment Expo which will highlight over 50 exhibitors, and hundreds of robots, along with the Japan Robotics Pavilion and Robotics Society of America Pavilion, in the RoboNexus exposition hall.There will be live demonstrations of robotics products including the NASA rover demos, Sony AIBO Wireless Demo, RoboNexus Demonstration Stage shows and the "build your own" Robotics "Kit College.�There will be Family Friendly" seminars on robotic design development, history of robotics, and educational robotics.Demonstrations by Japan's Vision Nexta, the two time RoboCup autonomous humanoid soccer champ and Chroino, a small humanoid robot with a friendly appearance and sophisticated movements. Visit the RoboNexus web site to view additional event information at


(3) DARPA Grand Challenge


Another interesting autonomous robotics event will be held in San Jose area during the RoboNexus. The DARPA National Qualification Event will take place in the infield area of the California Speedway in Fontana, California. The Speedway will be open to the public from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, September 28 to October 5; admission is free.The Grand Challenge opening ceremony will be held at 6:00 AM on October 8. For more details, please check out


(4) Robofest Announces 2006 Sponsorship Opportunities


Robofest has restructured its 2006 Sponsorship Opportunities, to include individual donor opportunities.This new program is entitled �Friends of Robofest.�In addition, Robofest has created new Sponsorship Opportunities for our Corporate Sponsors.The newly launched 2006 Sponsorship Opportunities Program can be viewed at the following link:


Over the next few months, Robofest will be implementing a Friends of Robofest Campaign.We will be launching a campaign that includes a Robofest e-mail promoting our �Give and Click Link� where donors can make on-line gift pledges to Robofest using our secured server.Robofest donations are tax deductible contributions.Robofest Sponsorship is important in our effort to keep Robofest a low-cost affordable contest for everyone.We hope you will consider supporting Robofest in our future Friends of Robofest campaign.



(5)2005 Robofest DVD is still Available


The Robofest 2005 DVD is still available for distribution to anyone who would like a copy.This 26 minute DVD highlights the students at each Regional and International Contest Site as well as the World Robofest 2005 Championships.


Individuals who would like a copy of the DVD may pick up a copy at the Robofest office for a cost of $1.50 per DVD.Individuals who would like a copy of the DVD mailed to them can request a copy from Lori Birman at the cost of $3.50 per DVD.Contact Lori Birman at [email protected] if you would like to pick up a copy or have it mailed to you.


Please note that the DVD is available free to all on-site volunteers, such as judges, registration volunteers, etc.Just contact Lori Birman at [email protected] for your complimentary copy of the DVD.



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