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(1) World Robofest 2009 Videos on YouTube

(2) Robofest 2009 Brief Statistics on the web

(3) RoboParade 2009 on Thu, Nov. 19

(4) Robotics Workshop in Michigan

(5) Lego NXT Robotics Class for Teachers, Fall 2009

(6) L2Bot Workshops, Fall 2009




(1) World Robofest 2009 Videos on YouTube

=Official 2009 Video (10 minutes)


=Jr. Exhibitions


=Sr. Exhibitions





(2) Robofest 2009 Brief Statistics on the web

One page statistical data summary in PDF is available at: http://www.robofest.net/2009/rf09sta1page.pdf

Full official report will be available in late August on the web.


(3) RoboParade 2009 on Thu, Nov. 19

Robofest veteran and rookie teams in Michigan are invited to join the 4th annual Thanksgiving RoboParade on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at Lawrence Tech, 6 ~ 8:30pm. The parade is an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn robotics while having fun. For additional details about the RoboParade, please visit the Robofest home page at www.robofest.net. If you are interested in hosting RoboParade in your city, please contact [email protected].


(4) Robotics Workshop in Michigan

Thinking of starting a robotics program at your school, or want to get some tips on improving one you have? �SIGCS of MACUL (Mich. Assoc. of Computer Users in Learning) is holding a day-long robotics workshop on


Saturday 22, August 2009 at Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, MI


Presenters at the workshop will be Betsy Lamb of Cranbrook Schools, and Elmer Santos of GM.� Together these two coaches have over twenty years of experience in robotics and their teams have won numerous awards and championships at state, regional, and national/international levels. The workshop will cover many different levels of robotics, FLL, FTC, Vex RC, Robofest, and a brief introduction to FRC.� Participants will not only get to experiment/play with robots in this hands-on workshop, but will also learn about each competition, the kits and fields that are used, and what costs are involved. The workshop costs are $25.� Please contact Rich for more info. at [email protected]


(5) Lego NXT Robotics Class for Teachers this Fall 2009 at LTU

Lawrence Tech University in Southfield Michigan offers a course entitled Autonomous Robotics for Education this fall 2009. (Course number: MET 5263)� This is a course of Lawrence Tech�s MET (Master of Educational Technology) program. The course will introduce concepts involved in autonomous robotics and how to use robotics technology to teach mathematics, physics, and computer science. It will provide hands on experience in designing and programming Lego NXT with various sensors. �

=Dates: Sept. 14 to December 16
=Monday on campus, 7:20~9:15pm
=Wed online, 7:20~9:15pm
For more details, please contact: Dr. V. Tobos, [email protected] (248-204-3617) for MET program related questions or Dr. CJ Chung, [email protected] for questions about Robotics Education in general.


(6) L2Bot Workshops in the fall 2009

Sponsored by DENSO (densocorp-na.com), LTU Autonomous Robotics Institute will offer free L2Bot programming workshops. You�ll explore introductory concepts in autonomous robotics navigation, image processing, and computer vision while learning the basics of object-orientated Java programming. Some knowledge of a programming language is helpful, but not required. After the workshop, you'll be able to participate in the vision centric L2Bot Challenge in December 2009 and spring 2010. For more information about the free workshop, please contact [email protected]



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