Robofest eNewsletter, 8-6-12


(1) Bottle RoboSumo North American Championship, Nov. 3

(2) International Robot Olympiad in December

(3) 7th Annual Thanksgiving RoboParade, Nov. 17

(4) Public Lecture on Intelligent Robotics

(5) iTunes ePubs on Robofest

(6) Seeking Site Hosts for Spring 2013 Competitions

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(1) Bottle RoboSumo North American Championship

Sat. Nov. 3, 2pm ~ 6pm

Practice Competitions: Fri. Nov 2, 3pm ~8pm

Lawrence Tech University, Southfield, Michigan


This competition is to select teams representing countries in North America to compete at the International Robot Olympiad (see the next article). Winning teams may get partial travel supports and scholarships. For details and team registration, go to and click on Bottle RoboSumo link or directly:


(2) International Robot Olympiad in December

Bottle RoboSumo game became a special category at The International Robot Olympiad.

The 14th International Robot Olympiad (IRO) 2012 will be held on December 17th to 20th in Gwangju, South Korea. The IRO will provide students with a unique global competition that delivers meaningful hands-on learning opportunities in critical STEAM areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Especially this year, the IRO 2012 adopted a Robofest game - Bottle RoboSumo (aka RoboShove) as their special category. For further information regarding competition, registration and etc. please check out the official website of IRO 2012, or contact at [email protected]


(3) 7th Annual Thanksgiving RoboParade, Nov. 17

7th Annual Thanksgiving RoboParade will be held at Macomb Community College Expo Center on Nov. 17 (Sat.) from 12:00pm ~ 3:00pm


Please mark your calendar. The annual indoor RoboParade features fully autonomous robot floats, which follow a parade route, detect robots in front of them, and are constructed and programmed by student teams in fourth through 12th grades. For more information and rules, please visit and click on RoboParade link.

Hands-on workshop for registered teams will be held at Lawrence Tech on Oct. 13 (Sat.) from 9am ~ Noon and 1pm~4pm (repeated session).


(4) Public Lecture on Intelligent Robotics

Prof. Jong-Hwan Kim from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is presenting a public lecture on


Thursday, August 16, 2012, 1:00pm ~ 2:30pm

Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan

Engineering Building Room E101


The title of his talk is: Recent Progress and Development of Intelligence Technology for *Robots That Think*.


He is a KT Chair Professor, IEEE Fellow; Director of National Center for Robot Intelligence Technology; Director of National Research Lab for Cognitive Humanoid Robot. His name was included in the Barons 500 Leaders for the New Century in 2,000 as the Father of Robot Football. He is the President of Federation of Robot Soccer Association and International Robot Olympiad Committee.


Talk Abstract and Bio can be found at


(5) iTunes ePubs on Robofest

Announcing! Celebrations-USA has published a series of ePubs promoting Robofest. These books provide in-depth information of each aspect of Robofest, including pictures and video. Some of the titles include: *Robofest: 2012*, which describes the 2012 season of Robofest; *Robofest: History*, describing the thirteen year history of Robofest game competitions; *Robofest: nVn Team RoboSumo* and *Robofest: Hexapod Robot Sumo*, featuring the believed-to-be world first competitions of their kind; *Robofest: Team Omega Documentary*, which tells the story of one Robofest team; as well as several others.


The links for these ePubs are found on the following sites (iPad versions & PDF versions): and


(6) Seeking Site Hosts for Spring 2013 Competitions

In contrast to other big robotics competitions, Robofest does not require teams to hold major fundraisers to underwrite the cost of participation. However, Robofest provides unique opportunities to maximize math and science learning through autonomous robotics. Robofest is seeking site hosts for the 2013 Competition Season. Qualifying Competition Sites are needed in Feb ~ early April of 2013. Interested individuals, organizations, or schools should contact Robofest office at [email protected] or check out and click on *For Site Hosts* link.


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