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(1)Thanks to All Robofest 2006 Participants
(2)World Robofest Results Available on Web

(3)Robofest Summer Camp

(4)LTU Teacher Education Course to Include Lego NXT

(5) Midwest Robolab Conference this August

(6) Electronic Engineering Help Needed in WA

(7) Robofest Seeking Site Hosts for 2007 Competition Season

(1) Thanks to All Robofest 2006 Participants


Robofest gives many thanks to all of the coaches, teachers, parents, students, volunteers, site hosts, and sponsors of Robofest.Robofest would not be possible without the support of each of you.We are proud to tell you that Robofest 2006 reached 826 students on 230 teams.Robofest had a record number of overall participants with 1,875 registered volunteers and participants in our registration system.Thank you so much for your support!We hope to see all of you again next year in Robofest 2007!


(2)World Robofest Results Available on Web


Results from the World Robofest Championships and Qualifying Competition Sites are posted on the home page of the Robofest website at www.robofest.net.You will find scoring sheets, photo albums, winner results, sponsors, and Source code of the 1st place winning game teams at Worlds.The source codes can be accessed at the following link:http://www.robofest.net/2006/wincodes/ 


We have just posted the 2006 Robofest Report which is also available on the Robofest homepage.Please take a few minutes and review our report.Please feel free send any comments about Robofest or the Annual Report to [email protected].

(3) Robofest Summer Camp


Robofest will be offering a one day summer camp for middle school and high school students.This year�s Robofest summer camp is preparing for a (tentatively) November 18th 2006 Thanksgiving RoboParade.(Which may be recorded as the first autonomous Robot Thanksgiving Parade in human history!)


It will be a fun and motivating event to promote cooperation, harmony and creativity.Attendees to the camp will need to bring their Lego robot and laptop computer.The one day camp will be held at Lawrence Technological University on 5 different dates.You will find registration fee, day outline and schedule as on our website at the following URL:http://robofest.net/2006/camp06flyer.htmThose wishing to register for this one day camp should contact [email protected].



(4) LTU Teacher Education Course to Include Lego NXT

Lawrence Tech University in Southfield Michigan will be offering a 14 week course entitled Autonomous Robotics for Education. (Course number: MET 5263)This is a course of LTU�s MET (Master of Educational Technology) program. The course will introduce concepts involved in autonomous robotics and how to use robotics education technology to teach mathematics, physics, science, and computer programming. It will provide hands-on experience in designing and programming Lego NXT.


The class begins on Tuesday Sep. 12, 2006, 7:20pm-9:10pm (On campus). For additional information on this course, please visit the following URL:http://www.robofest.net/academy/met5263.htm


(5) Midwest Robolab Conference this August


Please make plans to attend the Midwest Robolab Conference this August 6-8th in Wichita, KS. Chris Rogers will be the keynote speaker and will have the new LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT with him to show off. There will be two tracks: a K12 education track and an Undergraduate Education track.

For more details, please check out the conference website at: http://engr.wichita.edu/robolab/


(6) Electronic Engineering Help Needed in WA


A high school teacher in WA would like to get his students more involved in robotics and he needs some electronic engineering help, for example, building an H-bridge circuit to control a couple of gear head motors using a basic stamp.  If anyone is interested in, please contact [email protected].


(7) Robofest Seeking Site Hosts for 2007 Competition Season


Robofest is currently seeking site hosts for the 2007 Competition Season.Qualifying Competition Sites are needed in March and April of 2007.Top teams from each site move on to compete at the World Robofest Championships which will be held on the campus of LTU in Spring/Summer 2007.We would like have all 2007 Sites confirmed by September 30, 2006.Interested individuals, organizations, or schools should contact Lori Birman for additional 2007 Site Host Information, [email protected] or 248-204-3566.




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