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(1)  Robofest demo opportunity at IGVC

(2)� World Robofest 2008 Championship Results

(3)� New! Recognition of Robofest Graduates

(4) �Summer Camps in Michigan

(5)� 2008 Summer and Fall Robofest programs





(1)  Robofest demo opportunity at IGVC

Robofest has been invited to have a display at Oakland University in Michigan during the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) (http://www.igvc.org/) on Sunday June 1st from 3-5pm. 


Senior Game, Mini Urban Challenge, and Sr. Exhibition teams are invited to the event. Also, we will have a Sr. RoboSumo competition. Top two teams will win a Lego NXT or a Micro robot kits as prizes. IGVC will award certificates for all the participants.


Since the event will be held in a tent, lighting adjustments may be needed. Teams can setup and test beginning on Friday May 30. It is optional for teams to have an additional demonstration on Monday, June 2 in the morning right after the IGVC opening ceremonies.


If you can participate, let Jeff Sparing ([email protected]), Robofest Coordinator, know as soon as possible.


The IGVC event is open to the public. For more info, visit www.igvc.org


(2) �World Robofest 2008 Championship Results

149 teams advanced from 40 qualifiers came to this year�s World Robofest 2008 Championship on Saturday, April 26th.� Robofest has posted results, pictures, and some videos from the championship at: http://www.robofest.net . Official Robofest report as well as the official video will be available in June.


(3) �Recognition of Robofest Graduates

Robofest would like to recognize high school graduates who have been participated in Robofest. We would like to hear from you about your learning experience through Robofest.� If you submit one page essay or episode that will be posted on the web, you will receive a graduation gift from Robofest. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


(4)� Summer Camps in Michigan


Robot Sumo Camp: Two identical sessions: June 18, 19 and June 23, 24, 9am ~ 3pm

This introductory level summer camp at Lawrence Technological University is only for 5th ~ 9th grade beginners using Lego NXT robots. Registration fee: $60 (lunch not included). Contact Jeff Sparling, [email protected], 248-204-3566


L2Bot Camp: July 7 � 11, 9 a.m. � 4 p.m.

Assemble Lawrence Tech�s laptop robot, L2Bot, complete with a webcam. You�ll explore concepts in autonomous robotics navigation, image processing, computer vision, and voice recognition while learning the basics of object-oriented Java programming. Some knowledge of a programming language is helpful, but not required. After the camp, you�ll be able to participate in Collegiate Robofest Mini Urban Challenge in December 2008 and spring 2009 (visit robofest.net/collegiate). $450 / residential $550
For more information or registration, email Lisa R. Kujawa at [email protected]


Rocks and Robots Summer Camp

Rocks and Robots Summer Camp would like to give every student involved with Robofest a scholarship! Everyone who made it to Worlds will receive an $80 scholarship towards the cost of a week of full-day camp. Enter the Scholarship code "ESWRLD" on the Registration page at <www.RocksAndRobots.com>


We are happy to give a $40 scholarship towards the cost of a week of full-day camp to all other students participating in Robofest. Enter the Scholarship code "ESROBO" on the registration page at <www.RocksAndRobots.com>



(5)� 2008 Summer and Fall Robofest Programs

       Robofest is participating in the ROBOTICS EDUCATORS CONFERENCE, Butler County Community College, PA, August 6-7-8, 2008

       Autonomous Robotics Education 1: A class for teachers; class begins in Sept. at Lawrence Technological University in Michigan. Use robots to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts!

       Thanksgiving RoboParade in November, 2008

       10th annual Robofest 2009 Kick off in December, 2008

       Fall Mini Urban Challenge in December 2008



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