Robofest Newsletter, 5-20-2004




(1) Robofest 2004 Follow-up meeting on May 29 at Cranbrook

(2) Robofest 2004 results

(3) Laptop Robot Class with Java for High School Students

(4) LTU Lego Robot Classes this summer



(1) Robofest 2004 Follow-up meeting

Robofest follow-up meeting will be held at Cranbrook Institute of Science (39221 Woodward Ave. Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0801) on Sat. May 29, from 10:30am. Please mark your calendar. The agenda will be:
- Robofest DVD presentations
- Presentation of Robofest statistics and survey results

- Brief discussions for Robofest 2005
- Demonstration of National Champion Teams
- Lunch (great time to network with other teams! Robofest site volunteers will get free lunch boxes. You may buy lunch boxes from Cranbrook, if you are coming with your guests.)
- LTU Laptop robot demonstration
- Introduction of Cranbrook Institute of Science Young Scholar's programs
- Presentation about Black Inventors by Jamil Raheem
- Other presentations from Cranbrook

Everyone is welcomed to attend this meeting. If you have not participated in Robofest yet, but interested in forming teams, this meeting will be a good chance to know about Robofest.


Detailed schedule and information can be found at


(2) Robofest 2004 results

In Robofest 2004, 85 teams and 354 students participated in four different Robofest sites. For detailed results including national champion winner teams, statistical reports and many photos, please go to


(3) Laptop Robot Class in Java for High School Students

LTU College of Science is planning a course for High School students to learn how to program Laptop robots with a camera from June 28 to July 2. If you are interested in taking this class, please email at [email protected]


(4) LTU Lego Robot Classes this summer

LTU Continuing Education is offering Lego Robotics classes as parts of Summer Odyssey programs from July 12 to Aug 6. For more information, please go to



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