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(1) World Robofest Championship on May 9

(2) World Robofest Judging Guidelines Webinars on May 7th

(3) College planning Seminar for Parents on May 9

(4) Robofest CI (Creativity and Innovation) mini Grant

(5) Wanted: World Robofest Championship Volunteers!!!

(6) Do not dismantle your robots: Robofest IGVC Invitational in June

(7) Lego NXT Robotics Class for Teachers this summer at LTU

(8) L2Bot Summer Camp

(9) Recognition of Robofest 5 and 10 year coaches




(1) World Robofest Championship on May 9

145 teams that have advanced from 39 qualifying events will compete at this year�s World Robofest 2009 Championship Saturday, May 9, from 8:30 am to 5 pm in the Ridler Field House at Lawrence Technological University, 21000 West Ten Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan.


The program can be downloaded from the web at: http://admin.robofest.org/2009/program09.pdf


Admission to the competition is free. Parking is free. Win raffle prizes. For more information, call (248) 204-3566, visit www.robofest.net, or email [email protected].


All teams competing in the World Robofest 2009 Championship are reminded to visit the following web page for event details and reminders:� http://www.robofest.net/2009/worldchamp.htm. The doors will open for teams on Saturday at 7:45am.


Spectators can become a Judge for People�s Choice Award for Exhibitions. Since we understand there will be more spectators from Michigan, we have people�s choice awards for out-of-state teams.


(2) World Robofest Judging Guidelines Webinars on May 7th

All the teams, coaches, and volunteers related to the competition, and World Championship judges are required to join this Webinar at: http://ltu.horizonwimba.com/launcher.cgi?room=_ltu_s__4223_1_465647


=Thursday, May 7, 1:00 pm� EDT

=Thursday, May 7, 7:00 pm EDT (same repeated session)


Key judging points will be reviewed.


(3) College Planning Seminar for Parents on May 9

Every parent is invited to the College Planning Seminar for Parents given by Lawrence Tech Assistant Provost Lisa Kujawa during the World Robofest Championship. She will talk about

Steps to Success in Finding a College.

=Location: Buell Management Bld, Room M218

=Time: 10:30~11:20am and 1:00~1:50pm (repeated)

Shuttle bus will be available from Field House to the main campus area.


(4) New award: Robofest CI mini grant

One of the unique features of Robofest is that the Exhibition does not limit students' imagination, innovation, and creativity. We are pleased to announce a new award called Robofest CI (Creativity and Innovation) Development Grant for Robofest Exhibition teams. The cash grant sponsored by TARDEC Joint Center for Robotics will enable teams to continue to improve and expand their robotics projects for possible entrepreneurial opportunities after the World Robofest championship.


(5) Wanted: World Robofest Championship Volunteers!!!

Volunteers are needed for World Robofest.� If you would like to help as a volunteer on May 9th, please go to the following link and register:� http://admin.robofest.org/index.jsp?siteID=148


(6) Do not dismantle your robots: Robofest IGVC Invitational in June

Robofest RoboZone teams are invited to have a competition at Oakland University in Michigan during the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) (http://www.igvc.org/), June 5 ~ June 8.  IGVC will award certificates for all the participants. A few exhibition teams will also be invited. Since the event will be held in a large tent, lighting adjustments may be needed.  Details about the registration will be announced after World Robofest in May. The IGVC event is open to the public. For more info, visit www.igvc.org


(7) Lego NXT Robotics Class for Teachers this summer at LTU

Lawrence Tech University in Southfield Michigan offers a course entitled Autonomous Robotics for Education this summer 2009. (Course number: MET 5263)� This is a course of LTU�s MET (Master of Educational Technology) program. The course will introduce concepts involved in autonomous robotics and how to use robotics technology to teach mathematics, physics, and computer science. It will provide hands-on experience in designing and programming Lego NXT with various sensors. �June 23 ~ July 30. Tue 10:00am~2:10pm on campus, Thu 10:00am ~ 2:10pm online. For more details, please contact: Dr. V. Tobos, [email protected] (248-204-3617) for MET program related questions or Dr. CJ Chung, [email protected] (248-204-3504) for questions about Robotics Education in general.


(8) L2Bot Summer Camp

Assemble Lawrence Tech's laptop robot, L2Bot, complete with a webcam. You'll explore introductory concepts in autonomous robotics navigation, image processing, and computer vision while learning the basics of object-orientated Java programming. Some knowledge of a programming language is helpful, but not required. After the camp, you'll be able to participate in the Collegiate Robofest Mini Urban Challenge in December 2009 and spring 2010. July 6~10, 9 a.m.~4 p.m., $500 day camp/$600 residential. For more information about the camp, email Lisa R. Kujawa at [email protected]


(9) Recognition of Robofest 5 and 10 year coaches

The following coaches will be recognized during the closing ceremony.


10 year coaches

=Linda Pence, 2000-2009

=Jay Sinclair, 2000-2009


5 year coaches

=Steve Dail, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009

=Ronald Fadoir 2005-2009

=Jon Finch 2005-2009

=Robert Globke 2005-2009

=TJ Murphy 2005-2009

=Monti Toly� 2005-2009


Please let [email protected] know if we missed any coach reaching 5th anniversary year.



If you wish to be removed from this email list, reply to this email and note your preference.

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Jerri Ureel, Robofest Coordinator, jureel at LTU.edu, 248-204-3568

Tiffany Platt, Robofest Assistant Coordinator, 248-204-3569

Sara Moss, ARISE Web Programmer, smoss at LTU.edu


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