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(1)Robofest 2007 Sponsor Highlights

(2)World Robofest 2007 Championship to Host over 100 Teams

(3)Important World Robofest Participant Information

(4)Robofest Looking for 5 Year or More Coaches




(1) Robofest 2007 Sponsor Highlights


Robofest is pleased to highlight the following Sponsors for 2007:




CYBERNET SYSTEMS CORPORATION-- is a Research and Development company that develops technology and commercializes products that combine software intelligence, network connectivity, robotics, and man-machine interaction. Cybernet's dedicated group of Ph.D. and Masters' degreed Engineers have made Cybernet the largest Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) winner in the State of Michigan by completing hundreds of research contracts for the commercial and defense industries.Visit the Cybernet web site at :http://www.Cybernet.com


Cybernet is planning to have a demonstration of the autonomous vehicle (Dodge Caravan) to compete at the DARPA Urban Challenge. Tentatively the car will be shown to the Robofest teams and audience outside Ridler Field House on Sat. April 28, around 4pm. Lawrence Tech Computer Science is partnered with Cybernet Inc. to enter the competition.


To watch a video clip of the car, please go to the team website at






TBCI, P.C. --(Traumatic Brain and Catastrophic Injury) is dedicated to assisting those who have experienced psychological, cognitive, emotional and behavioral impairments from catastrophic accidents. We provide Neuro-Psychiatric Day Treatment Program and Psychological and Physical Rehabilitation Facility that has provided Cognitive, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injury, and Chronic Pain Patients. An after school program for children and adolescents for the head inured is available.

For more information, please visit TBCI, P.C. at http://www.headtrauma.net/or contact Julie Stork ([email protected], Phone: 248-526-0110, Fax: 248-680-9138).


DETROIT CHINESE ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION -- "Together we advance Technology and Career" � The Detroit Chinese Engineers Association (DCEA) works to promote technical excellence and innovations in science and engineering. The DCEA provides a global network for technology, business, and cultural exchange and disseminates information on career and business opportunities. Members of the DCEA work to promote cultural awareness and the value of diversity in society.Learn more about DCEA at: http://www.detroitengineer.org/


(2)�� World Robofest 2007 Championship to Host over 100 Teams


Robofest will host over 100 teams at this year�s World Robofest 2007 Championship on Saturday, April 28th in the Don Ridler Field House on the Campus of LTU.Robofest has posted results from all 2007 Qualifying Competition sites on the Robofest web site at: http://www.robofest.net/2007/qualifying07.htm.(There are still 3 qualifying sites left on April 27th.)You can view the list of qualified teams who will be competing at this Saturday�s World Robofest at the following link:http://www.robofest.org/TeamIntroduce?siteID=World_championship2007Admin.jsp&cmd=getCoach&location=World_championship


This year�s Robofest competition categories are Miner rescue game, creative exhibitions, VEX pentathlon, Robo Sumo, Robo fashion shows, and Mini Urban Challenge.


(3)Important World Robofest Participant Information


All teams competing in the World Robofest 2007 Championship are reminded to visit the following web page for event details and reminders:http://www.robofest.net/2007/worldchamp.htmTeams, please check this site for updates during the week � we are still refining the event schedule.�� The doors on Saturday will open at 7:30 a.m. with Opening Ceremonies starting at 9:00 a.m.


**All teams are reminded that there is a $30 registration fee per team for World Robofest.Your registration fee should be paid at the door via check or cash.(We are sorry but we can not process credit cards.)


Visiting teams from outside of Michigan should review the information on the following link regarding housing, tour and other guest information for our out of state guests:http://www.robofest.net/2007/4VISITORS.htm(You must RSVP for the events listed on this page.)


We hope that all 2007 season participants will stop in and visit during World Robofest.Attendance as a spectator is free.Parking is free!



Volunteers are still needed for World Robofest.If you would like to help as a volunteer on April 28th, please go to the following link and register:http://admin.robofest.org/index.jsp?siteID=73



(4)Robofest Looking for 5 Year or More Coaches


We wish to recognize all of our Robofest Coaches who have reached their 5 year mark by presenting them with an award during the World Robofest 2007 Championship.�� Robofest is looking for the names of Coaches who have been a Robofest Coach for 5 or more years � Coaches who were not recognized at last year�s World Robofest 2006 Championship.


If you are a Robofest Coach who has reached this 5 year anniversary, please send Lori Birman a note and let her know.Send a message to [email protected]



If you wish to be removed from this email list, please let us know by replying this email.

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Lori Birman, Robofest Coordinator

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