Robofest eNewsletter, 4-16-2010



(1) MI Regional Championship on April 24

(2) World Robofest Championship on May 8

(3) Wanted: Judges and Volunteers

(4) RET Week by Joint Center For Robotics

(5) Robofest 2010 Sponsors

(6) Robofest 5 year and 10 year coaches

(7) Robotics Summer Camps at Lawrence Tech

(8) Google's Computer Science Summer Institute



(1) MI Regional Championship on April 24 at LTU

11 qualifying competitions are completed in Michigan. 60 Teams that advanced to MI Regional competitions are listed on the Robofest 2010 page:

Congrats to qualifier winners! Questions about the list, please contact Wendy MacLennan at [email protected] . 17 teams will advance from the MI regional to the World Championship to be held on May 8 at Lawrence Tech.


The events are open to the public. Admission is free. Parking is free. There will be free raffles for spectators. Spectators will decide Exhibition People's Choice Award. Obtain a form to vote for your People's Choice Exhibition when checking-in.


For more information about the MI regional championship, please go to:


(2) World Robofest Championship on May 8

For information about the World Robofest championship at Lawrence Tech in Michigan, please go to:


(3) Wanted: Judges and Volunteers

Robofest is in need of volunteers to staff the two huge events.�

To volunteer for Michigan Regional Championship on Sat., April 24, click on the following link:


To volunteer for World Robofest Championship on Sat., May 8, click on the following link:


Thank you in advance for supporting Robofest!


(4) RET (Robotics, Engineering and Technology) Week

RET Week Organized by Joint Center For Robotics is designed to introduce high school and middle school students to technology based careers through interactive demonstrations with some of today's current and future robotic systems. For more details including registration, please go to:


Registration deadline is April 30, 2010.


(5) Robofest 2010 Sponsors

Official 2010 sponsor list can be found on the web at


Robofest would not be possible without the support from our generous sponsors. Thank you to all of our sponsors, past and present!


(6) Robofest 5 year and 10 year coaches

We know that Robofest is not possible without sacrifice, dedication, and hard work of coaches. We have been recognizing coaches reaching 5th anniversary year. This year we have identified the following anniversary coaches:

         Betsy Lamb, 2001-2010 (10 year coach)

         Kyungseol Lee, 2006-2010

         John Kim, 2006-2010

         Nona Goodwin, 2006-2010

         Jonathan Crocker, 2006-2010

         Julie Patterson, 2006-2010

         Karen Lepper, 2006-2010

         Bridget Stolz, 2006-2010

         Steve Heleski, 2006-2010

         Brian Smith, 2006-2010

         Stewart Harman, 2006-2010


Please send Prof. CJ Chung an email at [email protected], if we missed any coach reaching 5th anniversary year.


(7) Robotics Summer Camps at Lawrence Tech

Autonomous Robotics using L2Bots with Java Programming: July 12-16


The following camps are being planned:

         RoboMath for Coaches with NXTG: June 29

         RoboMath for Coaches with C: June 30

         RoboMath for Students with NXTG: July 8

         RoboMath for Students with C: July 9


If you are interested in the camps, please send an email to Shari Stout at [email protected] .


(8) Google's Computer Science Summer Institute

Google has created the Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI). Up to 25 aspiring computer scientists will be selected to attend the all-expenses-paid CSSI at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California, from July 25 - August 13, 2010. The program is open to all qualified high school students, and is committed to addressing diversity in the field of Computer Science. Please visit for more information and to apply today! Application deadline: April 29, 2010. This is a rolling application process. Students are encouraged to apply early.



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