Robofest eNewsletter, 4-12-06
(1)Registration for April 22 Competition Sites Closes April 15
(2)2006 Regional Qualifying Competition Results on the Web

(3)Spectators Welcome at Robofest Competition Sites

(4)2006 Summer Camps

(5)IEEE Michigan Robotics Chapter Meeting: Surgical Robotics
(6) Robofest Anthology Movie and Robot Demos on April 29

(1) Registration for April 22 Competition Sites Closes April 15
Registration for the April 22 Competition Sites at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School in Flint, Michigan, and St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas, will close on Saturday, April 15.All teams should update their team information and upload photos by April 15.Registration for all competition sites closes one week prior to the competition.If you have not yet registered your team, please do so ASAP.


All Coaches are reminded to upload their team photo and robot photo to their team registration information.These photos will be printed on the student certificates.Please check all information for accuracy including spelling.If you have difficulties uploading team pictures, please email them to [email protected]. Thank You!
Just a reminder: The official Robofest 2006 Rules (
12-21-05 v1.3.1 official version) and Game Competition Challenge: �Toxic Waste Cleanup� (Jan. 4, 2006 v1.3 Official Version) has been frozen. Any changes and revisions will be made in �Rule and Game Rule Updates� document at homepage.


(2) 2006 Regional Qualifying Competition Results on the Web

Results from the recently held 2006 Robofest Regional Qualifying Competitions have been posted on the web site are also available for each competition location.Please take a few minutes to view the accomplishments of our many Robofest students.


Thanks to all of our teams who have competed thus far!Everyone is a winner with Robofest!

(3) Spectators Welcome at Robofest Competition Sites
Spectators are encouraged and welcomed at all Robofest Competition Sites.Attendance is free.Please plan to come and watch Robofest Teams compete.


(4)2006 Summer Camps


Robofest Academy at Lawrence Technological University is planning the following camps in the summer 2006:

L2Bot (LTU Laptop Robot) with Java Programming camp

AIBO programming with C++ and Python Camp

LEGO RCX with RCX code programming Camp

LEGO RCX with RoboLab programming Camp

LEGO RCX with NQC camp

LEGO RCX with Lejos Java camp

VEX camp



Some of the robotics summer camps across the nation are compiled at


If you would like to add your summer camp information, please contact [email protected]


(5) IEEE Michigan Robotics Chapter Meeting: Surgical Robotics


Robofest medal sponsor IEEE SEM is having 2006 Spring Section Conference and Dinner
on Thu, Apr 13th
5:00 PM at U of M-Dearborn, Fairlane Center. Guest speaker of Robotics Chapter is Tom Higgins, Intuitive Surgical, Inc, that produces da Vinci Surgical System. He will talk about Surgical Robotics: Taking surgery beyond the limits of the human hand".


In order to register, please go to Non IEEE members are welcomed.


(6) Robofest anthology and robot demos on April 29


Robofest anthology movie will be presented on Sat. April 29 at 3:30pm for 30 minutes at Lawrence Technological University as a program of its �Innovation Showcase.� Intelligent Ground Vehicle competition robots as well as AIBO RoboCup soccer dogs will be demonstrated from 1pm till 4pm on the campus of LTU. Everyone is welcomed.



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