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(1)Robofest 2007 Sponsor Highlights

(2)Robofest Qualifying Competition Results

(3)Robofest 2007 Rules Clarifications, Updates and FAQ

(4)World Robofest 2007 Championship Page Posted

(5)Robofest Looking for 5 Year Coaches



(1) Robofest 2007 Sponsor Highlights


Robofest is pleased to highlight the following Sponsors for 2007:




IEEERegion 4 ---IEEE Region 4 serves Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers members in all or parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin in the USA and the Windsor Area in Canada.Visit their site at:http://www.ewh.ieee.org/reg/4


IEEE Southeastern Michigan Section (SEM) -- The IEEE/SEM includes nine counties in southeast Michigan, and Essex County in Ontario Canada. IEEE/SEM has grown from 2,200 members in 1963 to nearly 4,000 members today and has student branches at 10 universities in the region. The section has twelve chapters which represent 15 IEEE technical societies.Please visit their web site at:http://www.ieee-sem.org/





ABB -- ABB is one of the world's leading manufacturers of robots and robotic systems. Their automotive systems can be found in all areas of automotive manufacturing: Automotive components, Powertrain, Press Shop, Body-in-White, Paint Shop and Trim & Final Assembly. ABB supplies a broad range of systems to the General and Consumer Industries for welding, coating, dispensing, picking, packing, palletizing, material removal and material handling. "Power and Productivity for a Better World" � ABB.Please visit ABB at:http://www.abb.com/robotics


DENSO -- As the world's third largest automotive supplier, DENSO produces advanced technology, systems and components that maximize vehicle safety and minimize the environmental impact of automobiles. DENSO currently holds the No.1 global share in 18 automotive product categories including HVAC units, fuel pumps, power window motors, starters, alternators and compressors. Headquartered in Japan, DENSO operates in 31 countries with more than 95,000 employees. Through the strong support of its customers, DENSO has achieved steady sales growth.Learn more about DENSO by visiting their web site at:http://densocorp-na.com/


Without the support of our sponsors, Robofest would not be possible.You will find information and web links for all of our sponsors posted on the Robofest web site at www.robofest.net.Robofest still has many 2007 sponsorship Opportunities available.Robofest Bronze and Silver Sponsors will be highlighted in upcoming newsletter issues.If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Lori Birman at [email protected].


Robofest has a Friends of Robofest donor category and accepts individual donations via credit card at the following link:https://www.applyweb.com/public/register?ltualum


Anyone interested in other sponsorship levels should contact [email protected].



(2)�� Robofest Qualifying Competition Results


Robofest has posted results from the thirteen 2007 Qualifying Competition that have already been held.You will find photos, video, information of teams who have moved on, some final reports and some score sheets.You can view these results at the following link:http://www.robofest.net/2007/qualifying07.htmThese results also include the names of the teams who have qualified to move on to compete in the World Robofest 2007 Championship.



(3)Robofest 2007 Rules Updates, Clarifications and FAQ


We have posted rules updates, clarifications and Frequently Asked Questions on the Robofest web site.You will find all updates posted at the following link:www.robofest.net/2007/faq.htm


Please check this page regularly for updates and rules clarifications.



(4) World Robofest 2007 Championship Page Posted


The World Robofest 2007 Championships will be held on Saturday, April 28, in the Don Ridler Field House on the Lawrence Tech Campus in Southfield, Michigan.A complete schedule of the day�s event can be found at the following link:http://www.robofest.net/2007/worldchamp.htmOnce again, students on the top teams at the World Robofest Championship, in Games, Exhibition, and VEX Pentathlon will receive $2,000 LTU Annually renewable scholarships!



Teams who have qualified for World Robofest should read the information included on this newly posted World Robofest Championship page. For those of you who did not qualify to compete at worlds � we invite you to attend as a spectator.We would love to have you come and support the students who will be competing in World Robofest.The doors will open at 7:30 a.m. with Opening Ceremonies starting at 9:00 a.m.


Volunteers are still needed for World Robofest.If you would like to help as a volunteer on April 28th, please go to the following link and register:http://admin.robofest.org/index.jsp?siteID=73



(5)Robofest Looking for 5 Year Coaches


We wish to recognize all of our Robofest Coaches who have reached their 5 year mark by presenting them with an award during the World Robofest 2007 Championship.�� Robofest is looking for the names of Coaches who have been a Robofest Coach for 5 or more years � Coaches who were not recognized at last year�s World Robofest 2006 Championship.


If you are a Robofest Coach who has reached this 5 year anniversary, please send Lori Birman a note and let her know.Send a message to [email protected]. So far we have identified the following coaches who have reached their 5 year mark.


5 year, Julie Braverman, 2003-2007

5 year, Scott Eisele, 2003-2007

5 year, Michael Wallis, 2003-2007


Last year we recognized the following coaches:


8 year Linda Pence, 2000-2007

8 year Jay Sinclair, 2000-2007

7 year Betsy Lamb, 2001-2007

7 year Patricia A.Zimnie, 2001-2007

6 year Sally Mancini, 2002-2007




If you wish to be removed from this email list, please let us know by replying this email.

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