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(1)Robofest 2007 Sponsor Highlights

(2)Practice Warm-Up Competition March 10 at LTU in Michigan

(3)Robofest 2007 Rules Clarifications, Updates and FAQ

(4)Video from RoboFashionShow in Windsor, Canada




(1) Robofest 2007 Sponsor Highlights


Robofest is pleased to highlight the following Sponsors for 2007:




HanulKid Co., Ltd.� is an education-oriented firm that specializes in the production of scientific & educational materials and courses. HanulKid strives to give children a dream that reaches up to the sky. HanulKid develops game and robot kits as well as education contents and learning materials. HanulKid has been an industry leader in the game and robot education industry. Their main product, I�� - Robo educational Robot Kits are a unique education tool. While students play with robot kits, they naturally learn science. It is called �edutainment"; a new word made from education and entertainment. Edutainment is a different style of teaching, helping students to develop their own creative and logical thinking skills. While problem solving and discussing matters, students make their own robots. This hands-on education gives students fun and achievement. With HanulKid's continued research & development, they plan to make further efforts to continue as a top rated robot education firm around the globe. Visit HanulKid at:http://www.hanulkid.com/eng_ver/company/company01.htm




Hitec Robotics -- Hitec Robotics product serves the educational market, robot hobbyists, trade show and FX industries with quality, affordable hobby robotic product and comprehensive after sale support by our knowledgeable staff.

Leading the product line-up is the ROBONOVA-1, biped robot package. The ROBONOVA-1 breaks down the price and performance barrier for Robo One �J� class robots by featuring a complete humanoid, biped, robot package including programming software tools for $1000. Other products include the latest technology robot hobby servos, and sophisticated transmitters with receivers to control your newest robot project.For more product information and a list of retailers, visit the Hitec Robotics web site atwww.hitecrobotics.com.



Without the support of our sponsors, Robofest would not be possible.You will find information and web links for all of our sponsors posted on the Robofest web site at www.robofest.net.Robofest still has many 2007 sponsorship Opportunities available.Robofest Bronze and Silver Sponsors will be highlighted in upcoming newsletter issues.If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Lori Birman at [email protected].


Robofest has a Friends of Robofest donor category and accepts individual donations via credit card at the following link:https://www.applyweb.com/public/register?ltualum


Anyone interested in other sponsorship levels should contact [email protected].



(2)�� Practice Warm-Up Competition, March 10 at LTU in Michigan


The Robofest Warm-Up Practice Competition will take place on Saturday, March 10th, from 9:00 a.m. � 12:30 p.m. on the Campus of LTU.All Coaches, Students, and Team Volunteers are invited to attend.The Warm-Up Competition is a great opportunity to see how the 2007 Game & Exhibition Competitions will run and will be judged.We use this practice round in training our judges, emcee, and other volunteers.Please plan to stop in and see the competition if you are able.


We are still in need of some Senior Game Teams and Exhibition Teams for the event.If you have a team who would like to participate in the Warm-Up, please contact Lori Birman at [email protected] as soon as possible.


We are also in need of many volunteers for the Warm-Up, if you or someone you know is interested in helping as a volunteer; please go to the following link and register:http://admin.robofest.org/index.jsp?siteID=55


The Warm-Up will take place in the Cafeteria of the Buell Management Building, starting at 9:00 a.m.Attached is a link to LTU Campus directions and a Campus map.


Directions to LTU:http://www.ltu.edu/futurestudents/directions.asp


(Don�t forget the Lodge is closed between Lahser and Davison.)


LTU Campus Map:http://www.ltu.edu/futurestudents/campus_map.asp


The Buell Management Building is #4 on the Campus map.


For teams, judges and site hosts who are in other states and countries, we will post video from the Warm-Up for you to view.This video will be available after the March 10th event.



(3)Robofest 2007 Rules Updates, Clarifications and FAQ


We have posted rules updates, clarifications and Frequently Asked Questions on the Robofest web site.You will find all updates posted at the following link:www.robofest.net/2007/faq.htm


Please check this page regularly for updates and rules clarifications.


(4)Video from RoboFashionShow in Windsor, Canada


The first RoboFashionShow contest took place on March 4 in Windsor, Canada, hosted by Block-Robotics Learning, http://home.cogeco.ca/~blockrobotics

Please check out a video and judging scoring sheet at Robofest front home page at www.robofest.net (Under the section 2007 Events and Results)




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