Robofest Newsletter, 3-5-2004




(1) Robofest 2004 Registration Status � Still some openings!

(2) Where to buy the crates?

(3) Free Lego with Java Programming Class on March 13



(1) Robofest 2004 Registration Status � Still some openings!


Robofest 2004 registration has begun since Feb. 26 around 1pm. Within an hour the Lego competition division at LTU site became full. (Sorry, also the server crashed, perhaps due to a sudden heavy demand.)


There are still some openings at LTU-site for Advanced Robot Division requiring High-level programming languages such as C or Java mainly for High School students. This has been a rule that if a coach brings both Advanced/Exhibition teams and Lego Competition teams to LTU site, you may enter the Lego competition team at LTU even if it is currently full, since I cannot ask the coach to go and oversee teams in two different sites at the same time!


There are still openings at Detroit and Macomb sites! Please note that we will make sure the same event quality at every Robofest 2004 sites. Students will get same certificate of achievements and same trophies. Perhaps they have higher chance to win the winner trophies from non-LTU sites, because many veteran teams registered at LTU site!


We are planning a Robofest workshop for Rookie teams in March. Basics of RCX code and RoboLab will be covered. The date will be announced through this mailing list.


(2) Where to buy crates?


As announced before, perhaps due to our Robofest teams, all the crates at Meijers are sold out! After contacting Sterilite company, we found out that you can buy crates from �True Value� Hardware stores. To find a location near you, please go to: But recently we heard that the crates were all gone in some TrueValue stores. So we requested special purchase of the crates for two Meijer stores. We will let you know when they have them in stock. Also, a parent informed us that Trevarrow Ace Hardware store (Long Lake and Livernois, Troy) has some Sterilite crates. Thank you for letting us know!


(3) Free Lego with Java Programming Class in March

As announced, a free Lego with Java Programming Class using Eclipse environment will be held in March at LTU:

- Sat. March 13: 9am-Noon (introduction, setup, basics)


If you are interested in taking these classes, please email to [email protected]. Now only a few seats are available. You must bring your own laptop, Lego RCX brick, and the IR tower in order to take this class. This class is mainly for high school students who are planning to enter advanced robot competition division. Please note that AP Computer Science exam is now using Java from C++. Also, if you do not have Lego robot to attend the class, please email [email protected]. I will prepare some robots.



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