Robofest Newsletter, 2-24-2005




(1) MPC Laptop Computer Prizes

(2) Two $500 Grants Available � Deadline: this Friday!

(3) Webcast and Conference Call for Committee Members, Judges and Hosts

(4) Robofest 2005 Warm-up Competition at LTU on Sat. Mar. 19

(5) Change of Competition Date, Nashua New Hampshire Site

(6) Registration Deadline: March 9

(7) Robofest RoboRelay Playing Fields Available on Loan



(1) MPC Laptop Computer Prizes

We are pleased to announce that each student on the first place World Robofest 2005 Championship teams in the Junior, Senior, and Exhibition categories, will win personal laptop computers sponsored by MPC Computers, LLC.MPC Computers provides award-winning computer products and services to its target markets of mid-sized businesses, government agencies, and education organizations. MPC�s mission is to provide its customers with a superior level of service and support in addition to its high-quality PC products. MPC, headquartered in Nampa, Idaho, is held by Gores Technology Group, an international acquisition and management company. More information about the company can be found at MPC is the World Robofest Official Laptop Supplier.Additional prizes include small trophies for all students and large team trophies for top teams.Participants in the qualifying regional and international sites will receive medals and framed certificates.


(2) Two $500 Grants Available - Deadline this Friday!

As announced in the previous Robofest Newsletter on Feb 15th, two $500 grants are available to two all female Robofest 2005 Teams from Michigan.The grants are being offered by the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation.If you are interested in applying for a $500 grant for the support of a girls Robofest Team from Michigan, please complete the application ( and return by February 25, 2005, midnight to Diane Cairns, [email protected]. The deadline date is set to support the startup of the Robofest season.


(3) Webcast and Conference Call for Committee Members, Judges and Hosts

In order to ensure the quality of all Robofest regional contests, we are planning a

live webcast on Thursday, March 17, at 4:00 p.m.This live webcast will be for Host Organizers, Committee Members, and prospective Judges. Details about Judging guidelines, rules and hosting issues will be discussed during the webcast.Please put this date and time on your calendar.You will need to have Internet connection and Real Player Software to participate in the live webcast.We also plan to have a Conference Call meeting to follow-up after the webcast; the date and time for this meeting will be announced shortly.


(4) Robofest 2005 Warm-up Competition at LTU on Saturday, March 19

The practice warm-up competition will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2005 on the campus of LTU from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.It is a great opportunity for new teams, regional site hosts and judges to participate in practice rounds to see how the Robofest competition works.  


We are now taking reservations for teams for the practice competition. Please send an email to [email protected] with your team ID(s).


For our competition site hosts and judges who are not in close proximity, we will shoot video and put it on our website as streaming video for you to view.


(5) Change of Competition Date, Nashua, New Hampshire Site

RoboTech Center, Nashua, New Hampshire site host organizer, has decided to change the competition date from Saturday March 5th to Saturday April 16, from 1:30PM-4:30PM in order to accommodate more teams.


(6) Registration Deadlines

We believe teams need at least one month to prepare for the Robofest contest. Therefore, deadlines will depend on each site. For example, the deadline to register teams will be March 2 for the Alpena, MI and Houston, Texas sites. March 8 for Ann Arbor, MI site, and so on.


(7) Robofest RoboRelay Playing Fields Available on Loan

We are proud of the Robofest Senior Division with Java Programming Language, as it is the first Lego robot competition using Java Programming Languages for High School students in the world, as far as we have investigated.


In order to encourage LeJos Java programming teams, Robofest Headquarter has decided to lend the RoboRelay playing field to 7 High School teams, on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in borrowing a playing field, please contact [email protected]. (Only 5 sets remain, contact me today!)



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