Robofest Newsletter, 2-8-06



(1) Registration Remains Open for 2006 Competition Sites

(2) Free Robot Programming Workshop News

(3) VEX Pentathlon added to Robofest

(4) Redford Student Looking to Join Robofest Team

(5) Robofest to Recognize 5 Year Coaches

(6) New Robofest Bronze Sponsor, Hitec RCD, Inc.

(7) New Robofest Bronze Sponsor, DENSO

(8) Robofest Anthology Available on Robofest Website




(1) Registration Remains Open for 2006 Qualifying Sites


Competition space at various Robofest qualifying sites is filing up quickly.If you have not already registered your team(s) for a Robofest Competition Site, please do so as soon as possible.You can register on the Robofest website, coaches should use their old coach ID and password to register teams.New Coaches will need to register as a Coach before registering a team.Your Coach registration will be confirmed via an e-mail to your account.If you do not receive verification of coach registration, contact [email protected].


(2) Free Robot Programming Workshop News


- NQC programming workshop, LTU, Sat. Feb. 11, 9am-Noon

This hands-on workshop is mainly for registered teams, but a few seats are available for new High School age teams. Please e-mail to [email protected], if you are interested in attending the workshop. You will need to bring a laptop. We will prepare LEGO robots for you.


- Intellibrain-Bot with Java Workshop February 18 & February 25 at LTU

Intellibrain-Botwith Java Workshops are scheduled for February 18 & February 25, at LTU, from 9:00 a.m.12:00 noon.It will be a repeated workshop, please plan to come to one of the dates. The workshop is targeted to new teams and teams that are considering joining Robofest using InetlliBrain-Bot. Please RSVP your attendance via e-mail to [email protected]. Seats are limited. Just bring your laptop, we will provide IntelliBrain-Botfor the hands-on workshop.


- Additional RCX Code Workshop Scheduled for February 25

Robofest has added an additional RIS 2.0 RCX code workshop to the 2006 Workshop Schedule.The workshop is also targeted to new teams and teams that are considering joining Robofest.The RCX code workshop will be held on February 25, 9:00 a.m.12:00 noon at LTU.Please mark this date on your calendar if you are a new coach, parent, teacher, or student who is interested in joining Robofest.This will be your last chance to attend a RCX code workshop this Robofest season. Please RSVP your attendance via e-mail to [email protected].


(3) VEX Pentathlon Competition Added to Robofest


Robofest has just added a VEX Pentathlon Competition for 2006 for Teams who are using VEX.The VEX Pentathlon Competition will have two different dates, a practice/qualifying date (April 29), and a competition date (May 13).The VEX Pentathlon will feature 5 events that VEX Team robots can participate in.�� The draft VEX Pentathlon events are Skeeball, Race Track, Tug of War, Long Jump, and Bottle Bowling.During the April 29 practice/qualifying round, Teams may enter as many robots as they would like in one Pentathlon event, or all Pentathlon events.�� All robots must be made from VEX parts only.


Teams must register for the VEX Pentathlon practice/qualifying site.The practice/qualifying site will take place on April 29, 9:00 a.m. � 12:30 p.m., at Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.A Pentathlon practice/qualifying site will also take place at Woodland High School, Woodland, California Robofest competition on Saturday, April 29, 1:00 � 5:00 p.m.�� All Teams who participate in the April 29 practice/qualifying rounds will be eligible to participate in the VEX Pentathlon Competition on May 13, 2006, at LTU, during the World Robofest 2006 Championships.Teams can register only one robot in each of the 5 Pentathlon events for the May 13 VEX Pentathlon Competition.


Stay tuned to the Robofest website for additional details.Registration is now available on the web for a limited number of teams.Registration will be on a first come first serve basis.Registration is $35.00 per team, and will cover both dates and all Pentathlon Events.


The VEX Pentathlon Practice/Qualifying Round and VEX Pentathlon Competition is being organized by the Cranbrook Kingswood Robotics Team.


(4)Redford, Michigan Student Looking to Join Robofest Team


We have a Redford, Michigan, 13 year old male student who is looking to join a Robofest Team.Parent/Student can travel anywhere in the metro Detroit are, even Ann Arbor to join a team.This student really wants to participate in Robofest 2006.If you have a team that can accommodate this student, please contact Lori Birman at [email protected].Thank you for helping us to place this student!


(5) Robofest to Recognize 5 Year Coaches


Robofest was started in 2000 and is now in its 7th year.We want to recognize the Coaches who have been with us for five years or more.If you have participated in Robofest for five or more years, including this year, please send us an e-mail.We plan to present Mentorship Awards on May 13, during the World Robofest Championships at LTU.Please send your e-mail to [email protected]���� Thanks to all of our Robofest Coaches for your hard work and dedication to your students!


(6) New Robofest Bronze Sponsor, Hitec RCD, Inc.


Hitec RCD Inc., an industry leading R/C hobby manufacturer, is pleased to announce the creation of its new Hobby Robotics division, Hitec Robotics. Leading the product line-up is the new ROBONOVA-1, biped robot package. The ROBONOVA-1 promises to break down the price and performance barrier for Robo One "J" class robots by featuring a complete humanoid, biped, robot package including programming software tools for $1000. Other products include the latest technology robot hobby servos, and sophisticated transmitters with receivers to control your newest robot project.Hitec Robotics product will serve the educational market, robot hobbyists, trade show and FX industries with quality, affordable merchandise and comprehensive after sale support by our knowledgeable staff.For information on Hitec RCD, Inc., please


(7) New Robofest Bronze Sponsor, DENSO


As the world's third largest automotive supplier, DENSO produces advanced technology, systems and components that maximize vehicle safety and minimize the environmental impact of automobiles. DENSO currently holds the No.1 global share in 18 automotive product categories including HVAC units, fuel pumps, power window motors, starters, alternators and compressors. Headquartered in Japan, DENSO operates in 31 countries with more than 95,000 employees. Through the strong support of its customers, DENSO has achieved steady sales growth. Global consolidated sales totaled $24.2 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2004.For information on DENSO, please visit



(8) Robofest Anthology Available on Robofest Website


A Robofest video anthology combining 2000 ~ 2005 (27 minutes) is available on the web at: Player version) MS Windows)



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