R o b o f e s t�� eNewsletter, 2-5-09




(1) Last Kick Off Meeting on this Sat, Feb 7


(3) NXTG Workshops on this Sat, Feb 7

(4) Free Vision based robotics with Java Workshops

(5) Free team Registration at the MACUL Cobo Center, Detroit site

(6) Warm Up Competition on Saturday, February 28, 2009

(7) Volunteer Registration Site

(8) NXT Light Sensors and RCX Light Sensors

(9) Free RobotC License for Robofest Teams

(10) Robofest Seeks Your Help in Reaching More Students

(11) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2009 Competition




(1) Additional, may be the last, Robofest 2009 Info meeting is scheduled on


Sat, Feb. 7, Noon~1pm,

Lawrence Tech, MI, Room M218


Please follow this link for a map of LTU�s campus: http://www.ltu.edu/futurestudents/campus_map.asp  M218 is in building 4 on the map.


This meeting will be broadcasted using Wimba on the web at:


(2) Robofest 2009 Qualifying Sites are now registering teams�

Please go to robofest.net and click on the >>Enter Robofest 2009<< link.� Follow the directions for registering as a new coach, or to register your team at an official Robofest Regional Qualifying site. Register now! Already some site/categories are full.


(3) FREE NXTG Workshops offered on Sat. Feb 7

(9~noon) and (1~4pm) on LTU�s campus in room M218.

Team Registration is required for attending workshops

We will send the webinar info only to the registered 2009 coaches. Questions, send email to [email protected]


(4) FREE L2Bot Java Programming Workshop

This workshop, sponsored by DENSO, will be a total of 12 contact hours, and takes place on LTU�s campus on Sat. 2/14/09 and Sat. 2/21/09.� Lunch will be provided.� *Registration is required to attend these workshops � with a maximum of 20 spaces, so register early!*�� Upon successful completion of the L2Bot workshop, the student will be able to:

After the workshop, your school can borrow L2Bots from LTU for free, if you plan to participate in World Robofest 2009, on May 9, from 9am � 5pm!


(5) Free team Registration at the MACUL Cobo Center, Detroit site  
Any of the teams that register for Robofest MACUL qualifying site at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan on Thusday, March 19, 2009  1:00 p.m.  � 5:00 p.m., will have a free registration thanks to a grant from the REMC Association. Space is limited. Please register teams now. Robofest will be held as an associate event during the MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) conference, March 19-21. For more information about the conference, please go to: http://www.macul.org/

(6) Warm Up Competition on Saturday, February 28, 2009

The annual Robofest pre-season Warm Up Competition will be held in the Cafeteria in the Buell Management Building on LTU�s campus, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.� There are a limited number of spaces available, so if your team would like to come to the warm up, please contact Jerri at 248.204.3568, or [email protected] to register your team for this event.� Your team must already be registered at a Robofest 2009 Qualifying site to be eligible to attend the warm up.


(7) Volunteer Registration Site

It takes many volunteers to run a successful Robofest event, with a variety of specific jobs to accomplish.� For this reason, we have opened the Volunteer Registration website at http://admin.robofest.org, where your volunteers can sign up for the job they want and Site Host Organizers can keep track of what positions still need to be filled.� When registering as a volunteer, please fill in all of the information as completely as possible.� If you have questions or need assistance registering as a volunteer, please contact [email protected].

(8) Are you in need of an extra light sensor for your RoboZone robot?

You can purchase individual NXT light sensors at http://www.legoeducation.com/store/detail.aspx?CategoryID=159&by=9&ID=1267&c=1&t=0&l=0


Also, please note that you can use old RCX blue light sensors for NXTs.


(9) Free RobotC License for Robofest Teams

CMU�s Robotics Academy has offered to partner with Robofest and provide one copy of RobotC, free of charge, to each team that registers for Robofest 2009.

RobotC is a C-based programming language for LEGO RCX, NXT and VEX robots. It is the only programming language at this level that offers a comprehensive, real-time debugger. It is a cross-platform solution that allows students to learn the type of C-based programming used in advanced education and professional applications. To get a free copy, please visit http://www.robotc.net/robofest .


(10) Robofest Seeks Your Help in Reaching More Students

Robofest is always looking for ways to promote participation in competition.  If you are a member of an organization, an on-line community, list serve, or other group who might be interested in being a part of Robofest, please forward them information about the Robofest 2009 Season, or forward them the Robofest web site address, www.robofest.net    Robofest is also willing to send out electronic and hard copies of promotional flyers if you would like to forward mail lists to [email protected]  Thank you for your continued support!!


(11) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2009 Competition

In an effort to keep Robofest a low-cost, affordable contest for everyone, we are seeking sponsors for the 2009 season.� If you or your organization is interested in helping to support the important work of Robofest, please contact Dr. CJ Chung, [email protected].� Robofest appreciates all support, big or small.� Robofest accepts both cash contributions and in-kind services donations.� Please contact us if you are able to support Robofest in any way. Sponsorship (pledge) form can be found at http://www.robofest.net/2009/Sponsorship09form.doc


If you wish to be removed from this email list, reply to this email and note your preference.

CJ Chung, Associate Professor, Robofest Director, chung at LTU.edu

Jerri Ureel, Robofest Coordinator, jureel at LTU.edu, 248-204-3568

Sara Moss, ARISE Web Programmer, smoss at LTU.edu

Susan Latos, Robofest Assistant Coordinator, 248-204-3569

Tiffany Platt, Robofest Assistant Coordinator, 248-204-3569


Lawrence Tech University / Robofest / M219 �����21000 W. Ten Mile, Southfield MI 48075

[email protected]��������������� www.robofest.net���������� Fax: (248) 204-3518