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(2) Warm Up Event on Saturday, February 19 at LTU

(3) BTOS Game Playing Field Kits for Sale

(4) MCWTF Grant Winners Announced

(5) Workshops for Registered Teams

(6) Volunteer Registration is NOW OPEN

(7) Students Seeking Robofest Teams to Join

(8) Coach Seeking Team




Registration has been active for several weeks now, and sites will be filling up.� Please register your team(s) early since teams need to be ready earlier for this 2011 season.� The last qualifier for the season is on Saturday, April 2. Please also note that early date qualifying sites will advance more teams than late date sites.


(2) Warm Up Event on Saturday, February 19 at LTU

The annual Warm Up Event/Judges Training will take place on LTU�s campus on Saturday, February 19, 2011 from 9:00am � 12:00pm in the Gallery of the Architecture building.� If you, or anyone you know, is interested in being a Judge for any of the sites during the 2011 season, please have them attend the Warm Up. You may sign up to volunteer as a Judge at the Warm Up competition by registering at� If you need assistance registering as a volunteer, please contact Jerri Ureel at [email protected].


Parking is directly across the campus road, in front of the Architecture building. There are a limited number of spaces available for teams, so if your team would like to come to the warm up, please contact Jerri Ureel at [email protected], or 248.204.3568. It is a great chance for teams to practice and improve their robots. There is no registration or check in fee required to attend the Warm Up, but your team must already be registered at a Robofest 2011 Qualifying site to be eligible to attend the warm up.


(3) BTOS Game Playing Field Kits for Sale

Limited quantity. First come, first served. Pick up at LTU M219 only. Fee: $20 per kit. Contact [email protected]

(4) MCWTF Grant Winners Announced

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF, offers $500 grants to all- female Robofest 2011 Teams from Michigan. Here are the team names:
= Our Lady of the Lakes Middle School Team No. 1 from Our Lady of the Lakes Middle School of Waterford Schools

= Ultimate Robo Builder from Canton Charter Academy of Plymouth Canton Schools

= Alpha Cards from Melvindale High School of North Allen Park � Melvindale School District

= TK Trojans 2 from Thornapple Kellogg High School of Thornapple Kellogg Schools


(5) Workshops for Registered Robofest Teams

Robofest offered a series of programming workshops throughout January and early February. The final NXT workshops will be on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at LTU.� The workshops are FREE to registered Robofest teams, and reservations are required to attend. Programming instruction will be provided for NXT-G in both the morning session 9am � 12pm, focusing on the BTOS Game, and the afternoon session 1pm � 4pm, focusing on RoboFashion and Dance Show.


L2Bot workshops with Java programming will be held on Sat. Feb 19 from 1pm-4pm. This workshop is for High School students who would be interested in Vision Centric Challenge in June 2011.


(6) Volunteer Registration is NOW OPEN

It takes many volunteers to run a successful Robofest event, with a variety of specific jobs to accomplish. For this reason, we have opened the Volunteer Registration website at, where volunteers can sign up for the job they want and Site Host Organizers can keep track of what positions still need to be filled. This site is also available to Warm Up Competition volunteers. When registering as a volunteer, please fill in all of the information as completely as possible. If you have questions or need assistance registering as a volunteer, please contact [email protected].


(7) Students Seeking Robofest Teams to Join

Jordan, a tenth grade student in the Detroit area, is looking for a Sr. Robofest team to join. Jordan has a solid background in science and engineering. Please contact Stacey Queen at Stacey.Queen [at] if you have any openings.


A Novi-area student is looking for a Jr. team to join in South Lyon, Brighton, Wixom or Novi area. �He is currently in 7th grade and has been building/programming NXTs for several years.� Please contact Jim Pogue at jimpogue [at] if you have any openings for this student.


(8) Coach Seeking Robofest Team

A former Robofest team leader is interested in starting a team with high school students in the Oak Park/Ferndale area. Prefer a mixture of students with moderate to no experience using the basic kits.� Please contact Cary M. Junior at cmj41089 [at], or 313-348-3255 if you have a Sr. team looking for a coach.



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