Robofest eNewsletter, 1-10-12


(1) Robofest 2012 Team Registration is Open

(2) Special RoboParade Opportunity at COBO Hall, in MI

(3) Workshops for Registered Teams

(4) R2R Warmup and Bottle RoboSumo at Somerset Mall in Troy, MI

(5) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2012 Competition

(6) The RobotGarage is hiring


(1) Robofest 2012 Team Registration is Open

The 13th annual Robofest 2012 season has kicked-off! Coach and Team registration is open on the web at We have also posted a Zip file containing all of the important official finalized documents for this season, including the PowerPoint presentation from the Kick Off meetings on the website. To access the recorded webinar directly, click on the following link:


(2) Special RoboParade Opportunity at COBO Hall in MI

All RoboParade Teams since 2006 and rookie RoboParade teams -- you are invited to the following special Robofest/RoboParade event:


On Saturday, January 14, 2012 the North American Auto Show will be at COBO Hall, Detroit, and RoboParade will once again be taking part. Please follow this link for more information: . For more details, email at [email protected]


We look forward to seeing all of your fabulous floats again! No team registration fees. Trophies will be awarded for all floats that complete the parade course. Only a few slots are left.


(3) Workshops for Registered Robofest Teams

Robofest is offering a series of programming workshops throughout January and early February 2012. The workshops are FREE to registered Robofest teams, and reservations are required to attend. Programming instruction will be provided for NXT-G, C, and Java. To view a complete list of the workshops, please visit our website and follow the link for Robofest 2012. Registered coaches outside Michigan will receive links for workshop slides and sample programs. We plan special webinar workshops for coaches and teams who cannot come to Lawrence Tech. Please check out our website *2012* link.


(4) R2R Warmup and Bottle RoboSumo at Somerset Mall in Troy, MI

Robofest offers the following special opportunities during the World of Robots event organized by Cranbrook Schools at Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan.

= Saturday, Feb 11, 10am ~ 8pm, Warmup competition for R2R Game. During this time a Bottle RoboSumo playing field will be set up. Sumo teams may come to practice.

= Sunday, Feb 12, Noon ~ 6pm. Official Bottle RoboSumo competition will be held. Double elimination will decide trophy winners.

Registration for this special Warmup and RoboSumo competition will begin on Wednesday, January 11. Please contact Robofest office for more details.


(5) Robofest is Seeking Sponsors for 2012 Competition

In an effort to keep Robofest an affordable, yet highly educational competition for everyone, we are seeking sponsors for the 2012 season. If you or your organization is interested in helping to support the important work of Robofest, please email [email protected]. Robofest appreciates all support, big or small. Robofest accepts both monetary contributions and in-kind services donations. Please contact us if you are able to support Robofest in any way. Sponsorship (pledge) form can be found at


(6) The RobotGarage is hiring

Located in Birmingham, MI, The Robot Garage is looking for people with technical backgrounds who love teaching kids about robotics and engineering. Positions are part‐time and might include teaching after‐school classes, weekend classes, working at a camp, helping a scout group, or participating in field trips during school hours.

Please contact Sarah Jacobs at 2487239100 or email [email protected]



If you have questions, please *do not reply* directly to this email message. See below for contact information.


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21000 W. Ten Mile, Southfield, MI 48075

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Fax: (248) 204-3518


CJ Chung, Associate Professor, Robofest Director, [email protected]

Christopher Cartwright, Associate Professor, Robofest Program Manager, [email protected]

Teri Dubois, Robofest Associate Coordinator, (248) 204-3569, [email protected]