21st Robofest World Championship

Robofest Online World Championship (ROWC) Review Meeting, May 26, 2020 (Updated July 2) (schedule, rule change proposals and updates for the events) 

ROWC Meeting Slides

Registration is still open for the USA and International Video Qualifiers. 


4/30/2020 - Due to the unpredictability of the pandemic in Michigan, we would like to officially announce that in lieu of in-person competitions on Lawrence Technological University’s Campus, we will be hosting the 2020 Robofest Online World Championship events in Late August ~ October using video conferencing tools such as Zoom. The online series of events will include 2020 GolfBowl Game and Exhibition categories as well as Unknown Mission Challenge, RoboArts, RoboMed, and BottleSumo Time Trials.

Coronavirus Announcement 3/13/2020

Coronavirus Announcement 3/20/2020

Thank you to Best Western Premier Hotel for sponsoring Robofest.  The recently renovated hotel is is 2.5 miles from LTU and offers free Shuttle Service and special rates for LTU visitors.

Registration Fees:

International teams:

  • ​Each team must pay $50 registration fee FOR EACH DIVISION collected by LTU. (Example: a coach has a team participating in Game as well as BottleSumo. In this case, the coach needs to pay $100 to LTU)

USA teams:

  • GolfBowl Game and Exhibition teams who already paid $50 registration fees for a qualifier in the 2020 season - NO ADDITIONAL FEES COLLECTED

  • Open Category Teams  UMC, Vcc, RoboArts and RoboMed teams: $50 registration fee

Notes to Game Teams:

  • Please read the Rules and FAQ. Please note that there may  be totally unknown task(s) that require program changes and/or additions during the Game Rounds. 

  • Only team members, Judges, Proctors and Official Volunteers will be allowed in the pit during the entire day of competition. 

  • Team will be disqualified immediately, if team handles or interferes with another team’s robot, laptop, competition or personal materials (either in pit or impound area). See Proctor Violation Report form.

  • Official fields will be open for practice. Make sure the robot meets size requirements.

  • Charging is not allowed after impounding. Note that robots are impounded after Round 1 during lunch break. 

Notes to Exhibition, RoboArts & RoboMed Teams:

  • Each team will be given maximum 4 minutes for official presentation using a microphone. The 4 minute presentation should include team and member introduction, robot introduction, and demonstration. Teams must be at the table during the time slots specifed in the schedule.

  • One 6ft table covered with black vinyl will be assigned for each team.  Maximum space a team can use is 64 square feet including the table. If your team needs any special setup, please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know in advance.

  • As noted in the Robofest top level rules, there will be secret judges who will not identify themselves as judges. Exhibition teams must demonstrate and explain their projects to all the visitors during the official times.

  • Registered spectators will decide People's Choice Awards. 

  • Bios of Exhibition, RoboArts RoboMed, and RoboParade Judges will be available

Call the News Media!

We need to recognize students' achievement in science and engineering fields. Each team's achievement is remarkable and needs to be celebrated! If you have any media contacts please call them to publicize your team's achievements. Please call TV stations, newspapers, and other news media and invite them to come to the World Robofest Championship.


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