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Mission tasks will be totally unknown until the day of competition. The goal of this challenge is to provide an opportunity to develop problem solving skills on the fly without any help from adult coaches.

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2023 UMC World Championship at Lawrence Technological University


Previous UMC Winners:


   Sr UMC 1st  Place    4445-3 Taiwan and America so rich, Taiwan

   Jr UMC  1st Place   2109-6 Fantastic4, MI USA


   Sr UMC 1st Place   4258-1 Cheng Yi Senior High School, Taiwan

   Jr UMC  1st Place  3627-4 Chingshin C, Taiwan


    Sr UMC 1st Place    3718-2 EX NIHILO, Ghana

   Jr UMC  1st Place    3555-8 Steam Bots, MI USA


   Sr UMC 1st Place   26-38 Ian and Andrew, MI USA (tie)

                                 2473-2 TEQQ Televisors, India (tie)

   Jr UMC  1st Place    3616-3 U Well-Off, Taiwan


     Sr UMC 1st Place   3339-1 TPOMPSPC, Hong Kong

    Jr UMC  1st Place   3364-2 TIS IB Team 1, Macau


   Sr UMC 1st Place    2668-3 Royal Robots, Canada

   Jr UMC 1st Plasce   2109-25 The Gears, MI USA


   Sr UMC 1st Place   2897-2GARAGE COORPORATION, Mexico

   Jr UMC 1st Place   2898-2TECNOBOTICS ALUX, Mexico


   Sr UMC 1st Place   2604-2 The Enigma, Hong Kong

   Jr UMC 1st Place   2581-1 Gering Yizhuang Team, China


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