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RoboMed was intoduced for the 2019-2020 Season.  Teams of up to 5 students create and program a (bio) medical robotics/device projects using intelligent & interactive robotics. This competition also promotes an entrepreneurial mindset. Robots must have computational components programmed by participants and must employ sensors and/or actuators.


Some of the best robotic exhibitions since 2020 are as follows:



   College RoboMed 1st Place 3087-1 Universe, Saudi Arabia 

   Sr RoboMed 1st Place 4407-2 Mars Boy, Taiwan

   Jr RoboMed 1st Place  4526-1 PCMS, Macau


   College RoboMed 1st Place 4269-1 EE Team, SaudiArabia

   Sr RoboMed 1st Place  3385-1 Verum, Mexico


   College RoboMed 1st Place 4160-1 Mexitech, Mexico

   Sr RoboMed 1st Place  2705-3 League of Lesions, MI USA


   College RoboMed 1st Place 2895-1 Arabots, Mexico

   Sr RoboMed 1st Place 2213-4 TechSisters, MI USA

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