Be the first robot to push intentionally a bottle off the table OR be the last robot remaining on the table.


The 2016-2017 BottleSumo Season began in November, 2016 as the inaugural event of new CS Robotics Lab in the state-of-the-art Taubman Complex.  

2022-23 Rules

    Sr Unlimited 1st Place 4257-2 Olethros, Ghana


    Sr Classic 1st Place 2864-2, Hong Kong


   Jr Division 1st Place 2864-1, Hong Kong



2021-22 Rules (TimeTrial)

   Sr Unlimited 1st Place 2895-3 ARABOTS, Mexico

   Sr Classic 1st Place 2864-3 RIHK BSC_A TEAM, Hong Kong

   Jr Division 1st Place 26-6 Leo, MI USA

2020-21 Rules (TimeTrial)

   Sr Unlimited 1st Place 3353-1 Team Cobra, Hong Kaong

   Sr Classic 1st Place 3627-3 CHINGSHIN ACADEMY 1, Taiwan

    Jr Division 1st Place 3728-2 Arabots Chancla, Mexico

2019-20 Rules (TimeTrial)

   Sr Unlimited 1st Place 3640-1 Einstein, Taiwan

   Sr Classic 1st Place 3666-1 Caviar, Taiwan

   Jr Division 1st Place 3612-9 POKEMON RUN, Taiwan

2018-19 Rules

    Sr Unlimited 1st Place 2559-4 R&G04, S. Korea

    Sr Classic 1st Place 2585-3 SYCZ Geek Seen Team3, China

   Jr Division 1st Place 3089-4 CDSJ5-MACAU-F , Macau

2017-18 Rules

   Sr Division 1st Place  3004-22 The 3 Musketeers, MI USA

   Jr Division 1st Place LEGO Courage YIRONG REN , China

2016- 2017 BottleSumo Rules (PDF), updated October 3, 2016.

   Sr Division 1st Place  1687-4 CRA S211, S. Korea

   Jr Division  1st Place  1966-6 The Admirals, South Africa

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