Robofest eAcademy Courses

Robofest eAcademy is a series of online classes developed by Robofest instructors.  Course are available for free to Robofest teams through the Schoology Learning Management system.  Courses include:

  • NEW! RoboParade Using EV3 Scratch Language class code: HMJV-K42J-WC368
  • NEW! BottleSumo using Vex IQ/VEXcode class code: 44RR-D86V-SMHS2
  • 2021 Game Using EV3 Scratch Language class code: CR8F-KB2F-XZDBF

  • 2021 Game Using Spike Prime/Robot Inventor Scratch Language class code: R8RT-D8PF-MHH43

  • RoboParade using Robot Mesh VEX IQ Simulator and RobotMesh   class code: RKS3Z-4ZG3D

  • BottleSumo using VEX IQ and Robot Mesh  class code: 932SQ-RWX55

  • Exhibition Projects using EV3 Language  class code: QMSFV-QSR2Z

  • 2020 Game using VEX IQ and RobotC language  class code: TG7S-D3T4-SKX6H

  • 2020 BottleSumo using VEX IQ and RobotC language  class code: R7HN-5RKS-PBFGT

  • 2020 Game using Lego EV3 and EV3 language  class code: 6G38-T4FQ-KTXD4

  • 2020 Game using Lego EV3 and Python language  class code: R9ZX-D83G-77J8N

  • 2019 Game using Lego EV3 and EV3 language   class code: SKH3P-HBPQV

  • 2019 Game using Lego EV3 and RobotC   class code: N6BTW-WHVZ5

  • BottleSumo using Lego EV3 and EV3 Language   class code: K2F7H-D53MB

  • Robofest 101- Introduction to VEX IQ using Robot Mesh VEX IQ Simulator   class code:  GC268-TFF7G

  • 2019 Game using VEX IQ and Robot Mesh   class code: GX4C3-C36CK

Schoology is a Learning Management System that allows students to take classes on line.  They can view course material, get assignments, and take quizzes to test knowledge.  To access the material, have your team members do the following:

1. Go to and click "Student" OR students with accounts can use

2. Enter the class code

3. Fill in the form and click "Enter"


NEW! Certification from Robofest is available.

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