21st Robofest World Championship GOES ONLINE

An official Kickoff Meeting was held on Friday Jul 31 to present the final schedule of events, rules and procedures. Here is the Recorded video

For the official Top Level Robofest Online World Championships (ROWC) rules, please visit our "2020 Main Page" under "Get Involved" Menu item or directly here.

For category-specific rules, visit each category page: Game, Exhibition, RoboMed, RoboArts, UMC, and BottleSumo

NEW! ONLINE OFFICE HOURS - If you have questions regarding registration, judging or anything else and would like to speak with the Robofest team, we have established Robofest Online Zoom Office Hours.  Every Wed 10:00 am ~ 11:00 am EDT and Thurs 7:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm EDT until October 8 you can login to Zoom LINK and meet with the Robofest Staff. No appointment necessary.


Each event begins at 12:00 pm GMT / 8:00 EDT.  Click on the Zoom Webinar Registration Link to register directly as an attendee and watch the action live or visit our Robofest Official Facebook page to see the Live stream.

Category Day Date Zoom Webinar Attendee Registration Link Team Check-In Begins* Max # Teams Judge Bios Program
Jr. UMC Fri Aug. 28 Jr. UMC 11am GMT / 7am EDT 30 Jr_UMC  Jr_UMC
Sr. UMC Sat Aug. 29 Sr. UMC 11am GMT / 7am EDT 30 Sr_UMC  Sr_UMC
Jr. & Sr. RoboArts Fri Sep. 11 RoboArts 11am GMT / 7am EDT 20 RoboArts RoboArts
Sr. & College RoboMed Sat Sep. 12 RoboMed 11am GMT / 7am EDT 20 RoboMed  RoboMed 
Jr. Exhibition Fri Sep. 18 Jr. Exhibition 11am GMT / 7am EDT 20 Jr Exhibition Jr Exhibition
Sr. Exhibition Sat Sep. 19 Sr. Exhibition 11am GMT / 7am EDT 20 Sr Exhibition Sr Exhibition
Jr. BottleSumo Time Trial Fri  Sep. 25 Jr. BottleSumo 11am GMT / 7am EDT 40 Jr_BSTT Jr_BSTT
Sr. BottleSumo Time Trial, CL & UL Sat Sep. 26 Sr. BottleSumo 10:30am GMT / 6:30am EDT 40 Sr_BSTT Sr_BSTT
Jr. Game - GolfBowl Fri Oct. 9 Jr. Game 10:30am GMT / 6:30am EDT 35    
Sr. Game - GolfBowl Sat Oct. 10 Sr. Game 10:30am GMT / 6:30am EDT 35    
Award Ceremonies Sat Oct. 17 coming soon 11:30am GMT / 7:30 am EDT
*Location Head Judges for UMC, BottleSumo Time Trial and Game / Coach for RoboArts, RoboMed and Exhibition 

Registration Fees:

International teams:

  • ​Each team must pay $10 registration fee FOR EACH DIVISION collected by LTU via PayPal. (Example: a coach has a team participating in Game as well as BottleSumo. In this case, the coach needs to pay $20 to LTU)

USA teams:

  • GolfBowl Game and Exhibition teams who already paid $50 registration fees for a qualifier in the 2020 season - Every team must pay $10. If no drop out, then $10 will be refunded.

  • Open Category Teams:  UMC, RoboArts and RoboMed teams: $10 registration fee

Award Ceremonies Information

coming soon!


Call the News Media!

We need to recognize students' achievement in science and engineering fields. Each team's achievement is remarkable and needs to be celebrated! If you have any media contacts please call them to publicize your team's achievements. Please call TV stations, newspapers, and other news media and invite them to participate in the Online World Robofest Championship. We have 500 view-only seats.

Prior Announcements:

5/26/2020 Review Meeting: Slides (Update July 2)

4/24/2020 - Due to the unpredictability of the pandemic in Michigan, we would like to officially announce that in lieu of in-person competitions on Lawrence Technological University’s Campus, we will be hosting the 2020 Robofest Online World Championship events in Late August ~ October using video conferencing tools such as Zoom. The online series of events will include 2020 GolfBowl Game and Exhibition categories as well as Unknown Mission Challenge, RoboArts, RoboMed, and BottleSumo Time Trials
Coronavirus Announcement 3/13/2020
Coronavirus Announcement 3/20/2020


Special Thanks

Thank you to Best Western Premier Hotel for sponsoring Robofest.  The recently renovated hotel is is 2.5 miles from LTU and offers free Shuttle Service and special rates for LTU visitors.

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