Robofest World Championship - June 1, 2 and 3, 2017

This document is last updated on June 7

NEW! Official List of Winners & Results of Each Category

NEW! Results/Scores of Each Category


St. Pete Beach Community Center, 7701 Boca Ciega Dr, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

New! Official Program in PDF with list of teams (May 30)

Schedule (Tentative, as of May 22, 2017, please note that the banquet on Thu June 1 is now canceled.)

  • Please review the Schedule of events.  
  • Highlights:
    • Thursday 5:30 pm: Meet Up & Welcome at Upham Beach is open to everyone. Food Trucks will be available for visitors to purchase dinner if interested.
    • Friday 4:00 - 4:30 pm: Site Host and Coach meeting (Raymond room) for general questions or instructions.
    • Friday 4:30 pm: Pizza Dinner for all in attendance. No Cost. No Reservation required.
    • Saturday 12:00 - 1:00 pm: Award Ceremony for all Thursday and Friday events.
    • Saturday 3:30 pmAward Ceremony for all Saturday events.

Travel Information


  • International teams: Each team must pay $50 registration fee collected by LTU and $20 collected by Florida organizers. (Example: a coach has a team participating in Game as well as BottleSumo. In this case, the coach needs to pay $100 to LTU and $40 to Florida organizer)
  • USA teams:
    • RoboHit Game and Exhibition teams who already paid $50 registration fees this 2017 season - $20 check-in fee collected by Florida organizer
    • Open Category BottleSumo, UMC, Vcc, RoboParade, and GRAF teams: $50 to LTU and $20 to Florida organizer
  • WISER participants and  Robot Drawing Contest registrants do not need to pay $20 check-in fees.
  • $20 check-in fees can be paid by cash, check, or online at: (Click on World Robofest Team Entry Fee link)

Advancement Process to World Robofest

  • Michigan teams – at a minimum, trophy winners from Michigan Championships will be invited to World Robofest
  • Non-Michigan US teams – Please review section 14 & 15 in the General Rules for non-Michigan US Exhibition teams to advance to World Championship via Video Screening
  • International teams – Winners from each country will be directly invited to World Robofest
  • International Video Qualifier teams – Winners from International Video Qualifier will be directy invited to attend World Robofest after screening
Registration rules for Open Categories: please review section 1 & 15 in the General Rules.

Very Important to check! List of teams advanced as of today (please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know of any errors)

Important Administrative Information (added on May 25)

  • The check-in desk will be open starting June 1 for coaches to confirm their arrival, gather general information and get schedules.  For each day, Coaches or Assistant Coaches ONLY will need to check in each team in for each registered division. Check-in will open 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time for each division. We will not be able to check in teams early for events. If you have a team participating in multiple events, please check in for each event separately to receive your team ID badges and Participation Certificates.
  • Each team member (Coaches, assistant coaches, players) must submit a new Consent and Release form for the World Championship. Please print and bring your completed, signed forms.
  • Due to the space constraints and the number of teams registered for the RoboHit and BottleSumo Game, spectators will be seated in the spectator area outside the Gymnasium with a live stream video link to watch the event.
  • Things to know in PDF compiled by the Florida Organizers

Notes to Game Teams

  • New!  Unknown Tasks and Factors (UTF) used in Michigan Championship on May 13th:       Round 1      Round 2
  • Please read the Rules and Rules Updates and Clarification. Please note that there will be totally unknown task(s) that require program changes and/or additions. Mat types to be used is (c) described in Rules Updates and Clarification.
  • Only team members, Judges, Proctors and Official Volunteers will be allowed in the pit during the entire game. Games will be broadcasted to spectators.
  • Team will be disqualified immediaty, if team handles or interferes with another team’s robot, laptop, competition or personal materials (either in pit or impound area). See Proctor Violation Report form.
  • Completion time (or remaining time) of each round will be recorded and used as a tie breaker.
  • Official fields will be open for practice. Make sure the robot meets size requirements.
  • Chariging is not allowed after impounding. Note that robots are impounded after Round 1 during lunch break. (5-28-17)
  • Slides in PDF to train World Championship Judges (5-28-17)

Notes to Exhibition Teams

  • Each team will be given maximum 4 minutes for official presentation using a microphone. The 4 minute presentation should include team and member introduction, robot introduction, and demonstration. Teams must be at the table during the time slots specifed in the schedule.
  • One 6ft table covered with black vinyl will be assigned for each team.  Maximum space a team can use is 64 square feet including the table. If your team needs any special setup, please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know in advance.
  • As noted in the Robofest top level rules, there will be secret judges who will not identify themselves as judges. Exhibition teams must demonstrate and explain their projects to all the visitors during the official times.
  • Registered spectators will decide People's Choice Awards. People's Choice Award (PCA) Judges may win raffle prizes such as Google Homes. Drawing will be held on Sat around 3:40pm. Must be present to win.
  • Bios of Exhibition Judges
Notes to WISER conference: Robofest coaches, assistant coaches, mentors are free to attend the conference on Friday, June 2. (However, lunch is provided only for presenters)
Notes to RoboParade Teams: theme of the event is tropical beach "Surf and Sand". Adherence to the theme will be reflected by the score in the artistic creativity category of the rubric. (updated on May 25)
Notes to BottleSumo Teams: Unknown start task requires addition / modification of the program. No adult is allowed in the gym/pit area.
Notes to UMC Teams: No adult is allowed in the room.
Notes to GRAF Teams: Registered spectators will decide People's Choice Awards. See above under Notes to Exhibition Teams.
Notes to Robot Drawing Contest: No adult is allowed in the room.
Notes to Vcc: Floor color of the venue space is dark brown. See a Facebook album photo.
Streaming Video Broadcast Info (added on May 25):

Bios of Exhibition, GRAF, RoboParade, Robot Drawing Judges

Call the News Media

We need to recognize students' achievement in science and engineering fields. Each team's achievement is remarkable and needs to be celebrated! If you have any media contacts please call them to publicize your team's achievements. Please call TV stations, newspapers, and other news media and invite them to come to the World Robofest Championship.



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