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Kick-off Meeting Schedule (Meetings and webinars to announce the 2024 Season Rules)

Robofest hosts a series of online and in person meetings to announce and review the general and category rules. Each meeting will be recorded and uploaded for you to review and share with your teams.

  • Kick-off I: Friday, October 6, 2023: 9:00 am ~ 10:30 am – Zoom Only (link)

  • Kick-off II: Thursday, November 2, 2023: 7:00pm ~ 8:30pm – Local at LTU and Zoom (link)

  • Kick-off III: Saturday, January 13, 2024: 10:00 am ~ 11:30 am – Local at LTU and Zoom (link)

 All times are Eastern Time Zone

2024 Category Technical Committees for Rules and Judging:

New for the 2024 season, each category has a technical committee. Each committee will define/design/refine competition rules and members will be involved in judging World Championship events as well as qualifying competitions. A short bio of each committee member is available on the category's web page. 


Game Exhibition BottleSumo RoboArts
Elmer Santos (*) Shannan Palonis (*) Elmer Santos (*) Pam Sparks (*)
John Arnold Ben Gonzalez Chris Parker Kevin Gallatin
Chris Cartwright Jelani Stowers Peter Guenther Erik Rosvold
Peter Guenther David Carbery David Carbery Curtis Sharif
Wisam Bukaita Ajay Choudhary Karthik Devaraj Nathan Enright
CJ Chung Elmer Santos CJ Chung  Elmer Santos
CJ Chung CJ Chung
UMC RoboMed RoboParade Vcc
Elmer Santos (*) Yawen Li (*) Pam Sparks (*) Erik Rosvold (*)
Curtis Sharif Choongbae Park Kevin Gallatin Tejas Patil
Daniel Oliver  Hao Jiang Katie Bis Rodrigo Rodriguez
Destiny Anyaiwe Aleksandra Kuzmanov Daniel Oliver Emily Trudell
Scott Eisele Andrew Ulaszek Jennifer Minuado Nathaniel Johnson
CJ Chung CJ Chung (*) Elmer Santos Steven Lowe, Jr.
CJ Chung CJ Chung

 (*) Category Chairperson


September 30, 2023 Kickoff General and Category Rules published
October 6  Zoom Kick-off Meeting I 
November 2 In-person and Zoom Kick-off Meeting II
January 13, 2024 In-person and Zoom Kickoff III Meeting -- Final (US) Rules published 
January ~ February Technical workshops hosted by Robofest Office - Materials posted to eAcademy
February ~ April US and International Qualifiying Events
April 15 Video Qualifier Submission Deadline (US and International)
April 19 & 20 Michigan Invitational Events for Game teams
May 9~11, 2024 Robofest World Championship events at LTU


​Each student team member (or parent/guardian if under 18) must complete an Informed Consent, Release and Media Authorization Form for the season. Forms can be completed online during team registration.  If the online form is not completed, coaches must turn in a hard copy at the local Site.  We may ask for an additional form at the Championship competitions.  

To Register Your Team, go to  

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