Game Competition - A team of students competes to accomplish robotics missions using autonomous robots. Game especially puts math skills to the test.

Game is open to student teams from 4th through 12th grade. Winners are determined for each division:

  • Jr. Division: 4th ~ 8th grades

  • Sr. Division: 9th ~ 12th grades​

Teams compete at Local events and winning teams advance to the Michigan or World Championship events.

2017 RoboHit Rules V 1.7.1 - Updated 1/27/17 -- Official Frozen Version (some updates since version 1.7)

Example Videos

Score Sheet Form

General rules, Forms (Consent & Release, Age Waiver, Video Submission) can be found on the 2017 Main Page

Rules for Screening non-Michigan US teams to advance to World Championship can be found General Rules in 2017 Main Page 

To Register Your Team, go to  Registration

Additional resources coming soon:

Rule Updates and Additional FAQs (as required)

Game Procedures for Site Host, Chief Judge, and Judges

Unveiling Unknown Factors for Jr and Sr Divisions for a round 


Judge Training Webinar Link

Judging Guidelines used for Judge Training

Videos for Judge training: 

Previous Rules Documents:

RoboHit Rules Initial Version for International Teams V1.0 Released 10/4/16

RoboHit Rules Kickoff Version V1.6 Released 1/13/17


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