Game Competition - A team of students competes to accomplish robotics missions using autonomous robots. Game especially puts math skills to the test.

Robofest Game is open to student teams in 5th through 8th Grade (Junior Division) and 9th through 12th grade (Senior Division).

This is a qualifying competition.Teams compete at Local events and winners are determined for each division.  Winners advance to the the next level depending on their location (US/Michigan, US/Non Michigan and International) for the chance to compete at the Robofest World Championship at Lawrence Technological University on May 19, 2018.

FINAL 2018 Robofest Game Rules Version - V1.2 (release date 1/15/18)

AtBC Rules FAQ

FINAL Score Sheet Form (release date 12/01/17)

Example Video 1  - Example Video 2 (Sr.) - Example Video 3

Rules for starting teams, registration, team responsibilities at competitions and how teams advance to the World Championship can be found in the General Rules on the 2018 Main Page.

Game Procedures for Site Host, Chief Judge, and Judges

Unveiling Unknown Factors for a Round

Proctor Instructions and Voilations Report

Additional Resources Coming Soon!!!


Judge Training Webinar Recording  

Presentation Slides for Judge Training

Videos for Judge training 

Previous Rules Documents:

Internationl Rules - Initial Release V1.0 (uploaded 10/2/17)

International Score Sheet

US Game Rules US Kickoff Version - V1.0 (release date 11/17/17)

US Game Rules US Updated Kickoff Version - V1.1 (release date 12/01/17)

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