Exhibition - teams have complete freedom to enter any * intelligent * autonomous * interactive * robotics project.

Teams are composed of up to five members. In general, two or three students are recommended per robot. Sensors must be used. Any material can be used as long as it is safe for team members as well as spectators. Hard-wired remote control is not allowed.

Exhibition is open to student teams from 5th through 12th grade. Judges decide winners for each division:

  • Jr. Division: 5th ~ 8th grades

  • Sr. Division: 9th ~ 12th grades​

Teams compete at Local Events and Video Qualifiers throughout the season. 

NEW! 2019 Exhibition Rules  

NEW! 2019 Exhibition Judging Rubric

Rules for starting teams, registration, team responsibilities at competitions and how teams advance to the World Championship can be found in the General Rules on the 2019 Main Page


To see videos of prior year's Exhibition winners: Exhibition Archive page