2024 Robofest Summer Day Camps 

Tuesday, June 25: BottleSumo for LEGO SPIKE Prime with Scratch

Wednesday, June 26: Game Skills for LEGO SPIKE Prime with Scratch

These introductory camps are open to students that have completed 4th grade through 11th grade
Hosted at LTU, in the Computer Science Robotics Lab, Room J234 (building 8 on the LTU Campus Map)
Each camp runs from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm 
Registration fee: $20 per participant
Bring a lunch.  Water, juice and snack provided
Parents/Coaches will register participants individually
Robot and laptops will be provided


Camp Name



Morning: Hands-on workshop to learn how to program  pre-built robots to play BottleSumo games.
After Lunch: BottleSumo competition. Trophies awarded!

Game Skills

Morning: Hands-on workshop to learn how to program sensors, motors, and gears to manipulate objects using pre-built robots.
After Lunch: Game-style, fun, mini-competition similar to Game and Unknown Mission Challenge. Trophies Awarded!


How to register:

A coach, parent, or teacher can register students online. If you are new to Robofest, you will need to create a new coach account. Coaches and Parents are welcome to stay for the workshop, but are not required.  The competition is open for all.

To Register Your Student, go to  

‚ÄčEach student team member (or parent/guardian if under 18) must complete an Informed Consent, Release and Media Authorization Form (if not completed online during registration)
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