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Push the Bottle Off the Table or be the Last Robot Remaining. Teams of up to 3 students can compete in one of three divisions:

  • Jr. Division: Grades 5~8: LEGO EV3, NXT, SPIKE Prime/Robot Inventor, and VEX IQ
  • Sr. Classic: Grades 9~12LEGO EV3, NXT, SPIKE Prime/Robot Inventor, and VEX IQ
  • Sr. Unlimited: Grades 9~12: Any platform and programming language


2024 Official BottleSumo Rules and Related Documents

BottleSumo Rules: (pdf) V3.0 - revised Final Version, released 2/12/24

Time Trial Score Card: (pdf

Unknown Start Examples: (pdf

BottleSumo Judging Example Videos:  Example 1-Bottle Intentional Push | Example 2-Robot Push | Example 3-Robot Fall|  Example 4- Unintentional | Example 5-Tie | Example 6-Tie  | Example 7-Fail to Start (Left Robot Loses)     



Rules for starting teams, registration, team responsibilities at competitions and how teams advance to World Championship can be found in the General Rules on the  2024 Main Page.

Each team member must bring the signed Robofest Consent and Release Form on the day of the event if not completed online.

2024 Technical Committee for Rules and Judging: 

Member: Bio:
Elmer Santos* Robofest Director, LTU Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Chris Parker Owner, Tech Roots, Robofest Coach, Volunteer and Coordinator since 2011
David Carbery Robofest Lead Instructor, BottleSumo Chair & Chief Judge, and Coach since 2015
Peter Guenther Peter has been teaching Computer Science since 2002 and he has trained adults to become software developers through coding bootcamps at Grand Circus Detroit. He became involved in robotics in 1999 when the first version of LEGO Mindstorms was released and has eagerly followed each generation since, competing in LEGO Sumo competitions at conventions and winning multiple years at BrickFair Virginia. He has also experimented with Arduino and other platforms and has recently been working on Robotics/IoT projects with the JavaScript Johnny Five library on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He has been coaching middle and high school robotics teams since 2005 and Robofest teams since 2006; along the way he has taught hundreds more students to code through robotics summer camps.
Karthik Devaraj Sr. Technical Project Manager at Forvia, MS in Automotive Engineering from Lawrence Technological University
CJ Chung Professor of Computer Science. Founder of Robofest. Director of Robofest 1999-2020. Director of LTU's CAR (CS AI Robotics) Lab. Launched RoboSumo without a bottle in 2007. Designed BottleSumo rules in 2013

 *Commitee Chair



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